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Junior golf is thriving. Young kids and teenagers alike are getting caught up in the thrill, competition and vibe of one of the fastest growing youth sports. And what a sport it is! One of the best and safest environments on earth to learn valuable life lessons centered on integrity, hard work, defeat and triumph.

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Common golf rules that we come across regularly in junior golf tournaments that juniors should know about. Tips for juniors on how the rules can be their best friend in certain circumstances.

Deciding on the best kids golf driver for kids and juniors can be complicated including transitioning from kids golf drivers to an adult drivers. We review the best kids ...

You’ve got to start somewhere. Our youngest got a set of plastic toddler golf clubs when he started walking on his first birthday. These turned out to be the ...


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Product reviews

Putters for junior golfers

Golf Putters for Juniors

For junior golf parents selecting clubs can be tricky, especially for younger juniors. Fortunately that is not the case with putters. Most adult putters can be used by juniors with the right size shaft and grip.

junior golf ball

Best Golf Balls for Juniors

Generally kids and younger juniors have slower swing speeds than adults and as a result they do not get all the benefits from a high compression "Tour" ball as ...

Best Junior Golf Shoes

Kids Golf Shoes OverviewA golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles during a golf round. Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there are ...

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