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Junior golf is thriving. Young kids and teenagers alike are getting caught up in the thrill, competition and vibe of one of the fastest growing youth sports. And what a sport it is! One of the best and safest environments on earth to learn valuable life lessons centered on integrity, hard work, defeat and triumph.

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Far too many parents’ focus is on getting a future  college scholarship or tour card when they sign their kids up for private golf lessons in the tender pre-teen ...

by Alan Fowler Is there anything more terrifyingly exciting than a golf tournament!? Standing on the first tee getting ready to embark on an every-stroke-counts adventure reminiscent of astronauts ...

What is the Best Way to Track Golf Stats At a minimum juniors should be tracking basic or traditional golf stats such as fairways hit, greens in regulation (GIR), ...


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Product reviews

Louis Lloyd golf

Louis Lloyd: New Golf Glove Vibin’

There's a new golf glove on the market and we love it! Louis Lloyd is a golfing venture between two old friends and college golf team mates. It is ...

affordable golf launch monitors

Affordable Golf Launch Monitors for Juniors

Gone are the days when the only place to get shot stats was from your local pro or a big box shop that had a Trackman or Foresight Sports ...

Best Junior Golf Shoes

Kids Golf Shoes Overview A golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles during a golf round. Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there ...

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