What Should I Do In The Junior Golf Offseason?

What shall i do in the offseason

It’s suddenly cold in the Southeast. And while those who live in the Southern States might well be playing regularly throughout much of the winter in relative comfort, the rest of the country is finding that night comes quickly and conditions just aren’t conducive to an enjoyable afternoon on the range or golf course right now. So, what shall I do in the junior golf offseason? We’ve got some answers for junior golfers seeking to keep improving through the winter.

Where are you right now?

Golf Stats

The junior golf offseason a good time to sit down with your coach or mom or dad – whoever is a driving force in your life right now. Where is your golf game at?  Have a look over the past year’s tournament results. Do you keep stats? If not, now is the time to implement goals for next year and keeping stats should be one of those goals. At the very least junior golfers should be keeping the basic or traditional stats. G Stat Pads are a good start. Advanced junior golfers need to be keeping more thorough stats, ideally keeping "strokes gained" stats. See our article Golf Stats for Junior Golfers – Strokes Gained as an essential starting place. 

tracking golf stats junior golf offseason

Are you maintaining a handicap and putting scores in regularly? Our article Golf Handicaps for Kids explains what a golf handicap is, how it is calculated and specifically what are golf handicaps for kids. We also provide a downloadable excel golf handicap calculator that we have developed for your use. 


Where are you in the rankings? Our article All About Junior Golf Rankings gives a good idea about the ranking system for junior golfers, and how it is calculated. Let's make next year a year when we see some upward movement!

Where do you want to go?


Now is a good time to start planning goals for the future. Realistic, measurable goals based on where you are right now.  Write them down. Jack Canfield, leading motivational speaker and performance trainer, always said: Write your goals down in detail and read your list every day. This will keep your subconscious mind focused on what you want step by step. His book on Success Principles for Teens is a good place to start.


Tournament schedules for the new year will be out soon. Plan what tournaments and tours you want to play. Get a desk top planner to help with planning and read Top Junior Golf Tournaments You Need to Know About for inspiration. For kids in the 12 to 14 age group, think about moving up into 2 or 3 day, no-caddie tournaments preferably that are Junior Golf Scoreboard and AJGA ranked.


Golfers these days are athletes. They workout, push weights and focus on keeping in great shape. Don’t lose your edge during the winter. Go to the gym, workout at home, eat healthily. We have great Golf Exercises for Juniors and printable charts for your convenience so there really is no excuse. Start with these medicine ball exercises for core and lower body strengthening.

junior golf offseason fitness
Speed Training
Junior Golf Superspeed

Speed training is an excellent option for off-season golf workouts to add distance to a junior golfer’s game and keep those swing muscles fluid. Superspeed Training for Junior Golfers offers specific exercises and a great explanation of the tremendous benefits of getting your junior golfer involved in this training.

junior golf offseason superspeed golf for juniors

In addition to Speed training There are many other training aids on the market that will help a junior golfer work on their swing through the winter months. Best Golf Training Aids for Juniors looks at a few that are easy to use and deliver results including the Orange Whip that you will find in many a competitive junior golf bags! An added bonus is that many of these training aids are easy to use indoors.

orange whip vs sklz gold flex
Take one of these fun and informative Quizzes:
offseason golf terms for junior golfers
Relax With Purpose

Read a book or watch a movie that will give a little inspiration, education or simply good old fashioned golfing fun! Here are our recommendations of Golf Books and Movies for Education and Enjoyment.


Whatever you plan to do this offseason, start it. Winter is an opportunity to not only rest but also plan and prepare. During the coming short, cold days ahead - if you’re not lighting any candles, don’t complain about being in the dark.

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