The Junior Golf Podcast: Interview with Podcaster, Ro Thompson

junior golf podcast
junior golf podcast

As a father of a promising junior golfer, what sparked the jump from golf dad to junior golf podcaster 3 years ago.

The Podcast was started so that I could learn more about all aspects of junior golf.

What do you love about podcasting?

What I love most about podcasting is that I get an opportunity to meet so many great people that are just as crazy as I am about junior golf. 

What personality traits make a great podcaster?

 I think as a podcaster you need to be relatable, knowledgeable and you need to be able to ask a variety of questions to your guest(s).

The Junior Golf Podcast covers a wide range of golf related topics - what are the main things you like to discuss with your guest?

 I really like to find out their back story and how they got involved in the game of golf and what gave them the motivation to give back.

Who are some of your most recent guests and what have you talked about? 

One of my most recent guest was Mark Koesterer, Founder of The Players NIL, and of course we talked getting NIL deals as a high school and a college athlete. 

Who is someone you have not had on your podcast yet that you would love to talk to?

Tiger Woods would be a dream guest on the Podcast to get his perspective about his journey as a junior golfer and now as a junior golf dad. 

As The Junior Golf Podcast climbs in the Apple podcast rankings your platform becomes increasingly influential. What is the main message you want to broadcast to the junior golf community?

There is a lot to learn and it's a big time commitment as far as time and money. There are people and organizations out there that want to help you and your journey.

What is a story that you love to tell about your journey in junior golf podcasting?

That most parents don't have clue of what's needed to be sure that their junior golfer is successful.

What are some of your other favorite podcasters that you listen to and would recommend?

The Golf Lockeroom and many others.

How can people follow The Junior Golf Podcast and how can they get in touch with you?

YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter.

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