Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs

left handed junior golf clubs

Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs for Kids Ages 4 to 13 Years Old

left handed junior golf clubs

Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful left handed golfer in the world and in a world where only about 10% of people are left handed, fellow "lefty" junior golfers look to him for technique and inspiration. The irony, of course, is that Phil (Lefty) Mickelson was not a natural left handed junior golfer and  is actually right handed. Phil learnt to swing a golf club left handed by mirroring his right handed father's swing.  Unlike Phil, Ben Hogan was a legit southpaw, as is Mike Weir and Bubba Watson. 

A problem for left handed junior golfers is that club manufacturers cater overwhelmingly to right handed players, you will be lucky if you find a RH golf glove in your local pro-shop in a pinch, and instructional tips, advice and youtube videos are generally directed to the right handed majority. It is estimated that less than 10% of North American golfers are left handed.

That being said, if you are worried about a right handed coach teaching your left handed junior golfer - don't be.  Coach Bill Murchison of Georgia Golf Performance says that for most coaches it doesn't make a difference at all whether the student is left or right handed. He also said that more and more lefties are playing golf every year, which is interesting, and that he is currently coaching 14 left handed juniors. The only thing a coach has to remember is getting the correct verbals - e.g. on which leg or arm to use.

For parents of junior golfers, it can be tricky figuring out the best golf clubs for kids in the 4 to 13 years old age range. Read our extensive review of Best Kids Golf Clubs Overview which investigates quality, price and fitting club fundamentals of the junior clubs on the market at the moment. Most golf drivers come in both right and left handed options - see Best Junior Golf Drivers for more on junior golf drivers.

In general the supply of left handed junior golf sets and children's left handed golf clubs is more limited than right handed - especially when shopping in a brick and mortar store. Fortunately most of the higher quality kids club manufacturers do have left handed options available for sale on-line.

For kids aged approx. 4 to 13 years old, what are the best junior left handed golf clubs?

Product Make/Model

Price Range

Our Rating

Check Price

Advanced Junior Club Sets




​Flynn Golf VTMax Velocity and ALTO Junior Clubs

$235- $545

Ping Prodi G

(5 club to 11 club sets)

$600- $1,300

​USKids Ultra-Light & Tour Series (3 club to 11 club sets)

$110- $490

Intermediate Club Sets




Callaway XJ, XT and XJ Hot

(4 club to 10 clubs sets)



TaylorMade Rory Clubs

(5 club to 7 club sets)

$299- $399

Beginner / Budget Club Sets




Orlimar ATS

(3 club to 5 club sets)

$99- $120

Topflite Kids Golf

(3 club to 6 club sets)

$105- $155

Tour Edge HL-J and HT-Max

(3 club to 7 club sets)

$99- $169

Merchants of Golf - Tour X

(5 club set)


Wilson Profile Junior Clubs

(4 club to 6 club set)​

$129- $149

Our extensive article on the Best Kids Golf Clubs includes factors to consider and advice for choosing clubs. One of the most important factors is buying the right size junior golf clubs for your child. The junior golf club size chart reproduced below provides a general guideline to help in this regard.

Junior golfer height to club length


There are more and more left handed juniors starting golf these days and most larger manufacturers are catering to this. However, you may need to search a little more as inventory of left handed junior clubs is certainly not as extensive as right handed junior clubs. 

left handed kids golf clubs

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