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Kids Golf Shoes Overview

A golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles during a golf round. Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there are many more parts of the game to focus on, both physical and mental, than worrying about how their feet feel traipsing from tee box, across fairways, through hazards and on to greens. This article explores the factors should be considered when buying golf shoes for boys and girls and provides recommendations on the best junior golf shoes.

The best performance based junior golf shoes are lightweight, have good traction, offer excellent foot support, are comfortable to walk in, and are waterproof or at least water resistant. There are many relatively inexpensive kids golf shoes on the market that are still a good quality.

Kids golf shoes

Price Range

A golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles on a golf course.  Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there are many more elements of the game to focus on, both physical and mental, than worrying about how their feet feel traipsing from tee box, across fairways, over hazards and on to the greens.  Junior golf shoes can be stylish, they can be spiked or spikeless, but they must offer superior grip and be comfortable.  Performance based golf shoes are lightweight, offer maximum support and are at the very least water resistant.

Junior golf shoes can range in price quite dramatically, from $30 to over $200. Shoes made of real leather and featuring the latest in junior golf shoe technology will be more expensive. Kids golf shoes are frequently on sale and often can be often be purchased at significantly less than recommended retail price. Many prior season kids golf shoes are also heavily discounted.


There are plenty of options for kids golf shoe thanks to a recent surge in big name brands making golf shoes specifically for boys and girls. The thing about shoe shopping (particularly performance based shoe shopping) is that it is such a subjective exercise. Many juniors like to find a brand that they like the look of, that fits their feet well, and as they grow out of their golf shoe they move with the same brand into the next size.


Golf shoes must be comfortable and fit properly. Your junior golfer should not develop a blister on hole 3 and limp around the rest of the round. Boys and girls golf shoes should, ideally, also be waterproof, especially if they are your junior's only pair of golf shoes. It is a good idea to have more than one pair of golf shoes for multi-day tournament play and in case you need to replace wet shoes mid-round.   

Golf shoes can be spiked or spikeless. Spikes (or cleats) generally provide greater traction and there is less chance of a foot slipping during the swing although recent technology developments have made spikeless golf shoes much better this regard.

Spikeless golf shoes are sometimes more comfortable and well suited for younger juniors who are not putting as much torque into the ground through their feet. Older juniors generally opt for some form of spiked golf shoes for added traction on high speed swings. One downside of spikes is that you will need to replace them every few months, depending on how often your junior plays and if they tend to wear them after golf - e.g. for running around with friend or going to the golf clubhouse.  


Big brand golfing companies like Adidas, Nike, Footjoy and Puma design and manufacture golf shoes for younger junior players up to approx. 9 or 10 years old before juniors grow into adult sizes.

The best kids golf shoes are often designed to be similar to the brand's adult golf shoes and include advanced technology to give younger golfers some of  the look, feel and performance advantages of adult golf shoes.

One of the most significant differences between adult and kids golf shoes is that kids golf shoes sometimes do not have the same quality inner soles. If this is the case you can consider buying a good sports insole. This can make a huge difference in comfort when walking 18 holes. The are many kids sports insoles on the market. We have tried a few and like the Dr. Scholl’s Athletic Series (the women's sizes will fit most kids and can be trimmed if need be). These offer good comfort without the "squishiness" and movement of a gel insert. 

Top 5 Kids Golf Shoes

FootJoy Fuel Junior

Footjoy Fuel Junior Golf Shoes

The FJ Fuel Junior golf shoes are comfortable, stable, waterproof and great looking. The synthetic leather body is water resistant and easy to clean. These are great junior golf shoes at a reasonable price of around $75.

Adidas Junior Tour 360 Golf Shoes

Adidas junior tour 360 golf shoes

These unisex junior golf shoes have been designed with practicality and performance in mind for the young golfer. The lightweight Cloudfoam sockliner provides for excellent comfort that juniors will appreciate when walking the course.

The 6-cleat outer sole provides excellent traction. These shoes are good all weather shoes and will protect juniors from wind and rain. We also like that they are partially made from recycled content in an effort to end plastic waste (20% of pieces used to make the upper are made with minimum 50% recycled content).

These are available on both Amazon and at PGA Superstore for ~$50. Both the Junior Tour 360 and CodeChoas are some of the best junior golf shoes and worth the price.

PUMA Fusion Evo Junior Golf Shoes

Puma Fusion Evo Junior Golf Shoes

These are comfortable, stylish and functional junior golf shoes. The tongue is a one-piece (attached to the shoe) making them easy to slip on. Super light-weight and laces that stay tied. Fusion foam provides excellent comfort and they comes with a 1 year waterproof guarantee. Excellent all round junior golf shoes at a reasonable price of around $65.

Skechers Junior Golf Shoes

skechers golf shoes for kids juniors 1

These Skecher junior golf shoes are super comfortable with a lightweight synthetic upper and good internal cushioning.  Juniors will like the extra traction from the replaceable Softspikes and the long lasting rubber outer sole puts up with wear and tear typical of kids. The Skechers H2GO Protection waterproof provides a one-year warranty. Starting at approx. $35, these are excellent value for money!

adidas Junior Adicross Golf Shoes

Adidas Junior adicross golf shoes

These classic design adidas junior golf shoes are available in black, white or gray/blue. They are very comfortable, light weight spikeless kids golf shoes. They are extremely durable and will last many seasons. One benefit of these is that kids can run around in them after golf without worrying about wearing out the cleats. With prices starting at approx. $50 these are good value for money. 

Top 8 Golf Shoes for Older Juniors - in Adult Sizes

True Linkswear Golf Shoes

junior golf shoes true links

The folks at True Linkswear set out to create the most comfortable walking golf shoe. TRUEs are designed for the ultimate comfort, foot strength, balance and traction. They are built to have a natural platform, with no raised heels, healthy and comfortable on the body, and increasing balance in your stride and swing. The Original has been updated with a sock liner for comfort, full grain leather, and a waterproof liner to keep your feet ready for the elements. The shoe has a 2 year waterproof guarantee and is engineered to feel as close to walking barefoot as you can get. They are also designed to transition seamlessly off the golf course and will look good anywhere you find yourself after your round. 

true links junior golf shoes

Puma ProAdapt Alphacat Golf Shoes

PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoe Juniors

These are good looking, functional and comfortable spikeless golf shoes. The multi-material PROADAPT outsole and multi material rubber cleats provide durability and stability for great ground feel. The adapt foam provides excellent cushioning and they have a 1 year waterproof warranty. 

FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoes 

Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoes for Juniors
Besides the great look that juniors will love, the FJ Traditions offer great traction, are lightweight and super comfortable

The great looking full grain leather is also very functional and offers outstanding comfort, breathability, and durability. FJ warrants that this golf shoe will be waterproof in normal use for a one year period. For spikes, the Traditions model utilizes the Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system with Pulsar spikes (one of the most advanced insert system on the market).

Starting at around $140 this is an excellent shoe for juniors that will last as long as they need before juniors grow out of them.

Adidas Tour 360

adidas tour 360 junior golf shoes

The Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes are named after the 360 wrap design that locks in and supports your feet. The "boost" midsole provides excellent support while also being very comfortable. A built in sock liner offers further cushioning and optimal fit. The leather upper is waterproof. 

It should be noted that the spikes are not replaceable. Adidas does say the spikes are designed to last, similar to soft spike shoes. However, if your junior tends to run around on hard surfaces and wears down spikes quickly this golf shoe may not be the best choice. If that is the case we highly recommend the Tour 360 2.0 Model

adidas Men's Codechaos Spikeless Golf Shoes

best golf shoes

These golf shoes are made with the future in mind. They feature a knit upper for foot-hugging comfort and a responsive Boost midsole to energize every drive. The spikeless Twistgrip outsole keeps your feet securely planted through every swing. This shoe's upper is made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material containing at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. They are also made in a variety of cool color combinations!

Under Armour Spieth Golf Shoes

best golf shoes

The Spieth 4 Gore-tex golf shoe is even more technologically advanced and comfortable than the first few shoes in the  Spieth line.  New lower profile spikes provide lockdown horizontal traction and all round comfort. They are  engineered for comfort with the introduction of a dual Durometer UVA footbed that provides lateral support and medial comfort. Water proofing has further been emphasized with a light waterproof membrane and the shoes carry a 2 year waterproof warranty. 

Footjoy Premier Series Golf Shoes

best golf shoes

These golf shoes are classic elegance with a serious boost of support and traction. They are made of Pittards full-grain leather with all the advantages premium leather provides by way of beauty, comfort and non-stretch. Translucent rubber traction elements provide for a high-end look and maximum traction. Ortholite eco-plush cushioning provides for maximum comfort that will last the life of the shoe. The golf shoe carries a 2 year waterproof warranty and is guaranteed to turn heads!

Skechers Men's Go Golf Line of Shoes

Skechers go golf shoes for juniors

Skechers have been making very functional and extremely comfortable golf shoes for a number of years and are in use on the professional tours. Most of the line have lightweight and responsive "Ultra Go" foam cushioning, a fully waterproof design, leather and synthetic upper and replaceable SoftSpikes.

Top 5 Golf Shoes for Girls in Junior Sizes

PUMA Kids' Fusion Evo Golf Shoe

Puma Fusion Evo Junior Golf Shoes girls

Puma junior golf shoes are always stylish and cool for kids to wear. The PUMA Kids Fusion Evo Golf Shoes are no exception. 

In addition to being stylish these are highly functional shoes light weight  junior golf shoes with a breathable mesh upper, comfortable and supportive foam soles, and good traction cleats.

They are available in stylish black or white and in kids sizes from 1 through 7.  Priced from $65 these are great girls golf shoes for a reasonable price.

Adidas Tour 360 Junior Golf Shoes

adidas Tour 360 junior golf shoes

Similar to the adult version, the adidas Tour 360 junior golf shoes are named after the 360 wrap design that locks in and supports your feet. The "boost" midsole provides excellent support while also being very comfortable. A built in sock liner offers further cushioning and optimal fit. The leather upper is waterproof. 

Nike Juniors' Roshe G Golf Shoes

best girls golf shoes

The Nike Roshe G Junior Girls Golf Shoe features specially located traction in key zones on the sole. The mesh upper offers breathability and the comfortable foam midsole provides excellent cushioning. 

Nike kids golf shoes are designed to appeal to juniors and girls will love the look of these shoes. At just $60 these are very reasonably priced for quality girls golf shoes. They are available in Green, Pink, Black and Red.

Top 5 Golf Shoes for Girls in Adult Sizes

FootJoy Women's Pro SL

Footjoy Women's Pro SL Golf SHoes

The FJ Women's Pro SL are good looking, comfortable and high performance golf shoes.

Footjoy's "Fine Tuned Foam" provides excellent cushioning for comfort and a weighted outer sole for superior stability. These shoes are 100% waterproof and FJ has a 2 year warranty on them. They are also available with the Boa fit system that provides for micro-fit adjustment. 

The MSRP on these shoes is $150 but can be found on Amazon and at PGA Superstore for less than retail.

Adidas Women's S2G Shoes

adidas womens S2G golf shoes
These golf shoes are both high tech and also look like everyday sneakers that you can wear anywhere. They feature a Bounce midsole for lightweight cushioning and flexibility. They are both waterproof and offer great traction. As with other adidas shoes, they are made with at least 50% recycled materials. They are available with either lace closure or the micro-adjustable dial-based BOA system. 

Skechers Women's Go Golf

skechers go golf womens shoes juniors
Skechers go golf shoes are functional and fun. The different models provide a choice of either spiked or spikeless soles. Take note that some models do have a waterproof upper while some models are labelled "water repellent". If you plan to use the shoes in rain or early morning dew conditions you should look at these models: Go Golf Max 2, Jasmine, Drive 4 Dogs, Pivot, Elite 4. Some of the Go Golf Max models are designed to be more breathable and not for wet conditions. 

Nike Women's Roshe G Golf Shoes

nike womens roshe g golf shoes junior

These great looking golf shoes come in a wide range of colors and are very pleasing to the eye.  The Roshe G blends plush breathable materials with excellent support for performance. The Roshe G Tour offers a spike version for extra traction.

Ranging in price from around $50 (on sale) to $80, these are excellent value for money. 

ECCO Women's Biom Golf Shoe

best girls golf shoes
ecco biom womens golf shoes juniors

Ecco is one of the largest producers of high quality women's golf shoes. The Ecco Biom line has a huge selection of great looking models and styles. Ecco is renowned for making superbly comfortable women's golf shoes. 

These shoes have great stability while still being comfortable and flexible when walking. Uppers are made from super soft yak leather that also has excellent breathability and durability. The Gore-tex line is 100% waterproof and is a great golf shoe for wet weather and winter conditions.

If you prefer more traction while still having great style, we recommend that you look at the Ecco Biom G3 and G5 Models at PGA Superstore or on Amazon.

ECCO Golf Womens Girls Juniors Biom G2 Free


Golf shoes are an essential part of a junior golfer's equipment and one of the only items that are used during every practice and every round. Therefore it is very important that juniors enjoy the look and feel of their shoes. They will walk many miles in their golf shoes and quality support and comfort is worth the price. The price differential can be large but remember a good golf shoe can be a solid investment in a junior golfer's performance on the golf course.

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