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Flynn Golf is known for their high quality, customizable junior golf clubs. Their clubs are an excellent choice for all levels of juniors from beginner through advanced tournament players (see our review of the Best Kids Golf Clubs and a review of the VTMax Velocity irons). 

We enjoyed interviewing Mike Flynn, owner and founder of Flynn Golf and believe that you will appreciate his story and thoughts on junior golf in general. Read more here: Mike Flynn Interview.

The BIG NEWS is that Flynn Golf has introduced their new line of clubs, the VTMAX ALTO. The clubs and new UST Mamiya shafts are currently available through their site.

The new VTMax ALTO line of clubs is a product of a great deal of development time and effort by Flynn golf including collaboration with leading industry design experts with the ultimate goal of making the game more enjoyable and providing the best opportunity for juniors to shoot their lowest scores.

The new line of clubs debuted in 2019 and include a full range of clubs including driver, fairway woods, hybrid, irons and wedges. The line of clubs will be complimented by new VTMax ALTO shafts that were designed in collaboration with UST Mamiya. The Flynn Golf VTMAX Velocity clubs are also still excellent clubs and are available on the Flynn site at a discounted price. 


VTMax ALTO Driver

The Tour Black VTMax ALTO Driver is available in 12 and 15 degree lofts. The 440cc titanium club is designed for maximum forgiveness, ball speed and a great sound.

With a club head weight of 182 grams these are ideally designed for junior golfers. As with all the Flynn Golf clubs these are fitted with premium UST graphite shafts and come with customized flex, length, grip and in the color of your choice.

VTMAX ALTO Fairway Woods


The VTMax ALTO Fairway woods are low profile, 420 stainless steel clubs, designed for higher launch and carry. They are available in 18 and 21 degree options with a weight of 200 grams and 205 grams, respectively. The Flynn Golf custom shaft fitting makes these a great option for juniors.


VTMax ALTO Hybrid

The new 420 stainless steel VTMAX ALTO Hybrids are available in 24 and 27 degree options and weigh 220 grams. The new sole weightings and loft/lie adjustments are designed to get the ball in the air and to hold greens from both fairway and rough lies. The customizable UST Mamiya shafts along with grip and shaft color options make these an attractive club for juniors.


VT Max Alto Irons

The new 431 stainless steel VTMAX ALTO irons were designed in collaboration with industry experts. The carefully positioned perimeter weighting offers both performance and forgiveness on off-center shots. 

The irons are available in 3 different weight options (Series 1, 2 and 3), based on junior size/strength and expertise level. The lighter Series 1 are approx. 15 grams lighter than Series 2, which are approx. 13 grams lighter than the Series 3. 

These irons are highly customizable based on your junior's height, strength, swing speed and level of expertise. The irons can be fitted with UST Mamiya graphite shaft or either True Temper or KBS steel shafts. 

The new irons look fantastic and we can't wait to try them out!


VTMax ALTO Wedges

We love the look of these new SQ Black VTMAX ALTO custom built wedges. The durable black high-end finish is a great look and reduces glare that can sometimes be an issue with high lofted clubs like wedges. The wedges benefit from CNC milling and score lines that help generate spin for enhanced checking of pitches and chips. 

The wedges are available in the same 3 Series options as the irons - i.e. for players of different size, strength, swing speed and physical development. The Gap Wedge is 52 degrees with a 6 degree bounce, the Sand Wedge is 56 degrees with 12 degrees bounce, and the Lob Wedge is 60 degrees  with 4 degrees of bounce. 

As with the irons, juniors will have their choice of customized UST graphite shafts or True Temper or KBS steel shafts. 



Last but definitely not least in the new line-up is the new VTMAX ALTO graphite shafts. These graphite shafts were designed in collaboration with engineers at UST Mamiya, the renowned designer and manufacturer of high performance golf shafts. 

Flynn Golf chooses from 8 different base flex shafts which are then customized for each individual junior golfer. This is truly a differentiator in the world of junior golf equipment. The new shafts also benefit from UST's new low-resin technology for optimized feel and performance. As always, the shafts are available in 6 different colors that juniors will love the look of!


Flynn Golf makes excellent clubs for juniors and we are excited to try out the new VTMAX ALTO!

These are available for purchase now at the Flynn Golf site.

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