Stylish Golf Shirts for Juniors

best golf shirts
stylish golf shirts

There are so many golf shirts on the market, with new and exciting brands popping up all the time. There are many aspects to a good golf shirt, some will be more important to the wearer than others. Our younger player is a traditionalist. Solid colors, some stripes .... at a push the Waggle Lone Wolf shirt - but only because that's his Spirit Animal! Our older junior player goes for fireworks, flamingoes, and panthers jumping out at you ...... It's pretty interesting actually as the younger is more extraverted and outgoing. But the shirt choice definitely fits the older's game - aggressive and wildly imaginative!

A Good Golf Shirt

So, if you're not choosing a golf shirt based on personality or spirt animal - what are the factors that go into a good golf shirt?

A good golf shirt is light-weight, quick drying and engineered for performance. By this we mean allowing for full flexibility and range of movement through the swing. Moisture wicking pulls sweat from your body, cooling you down and a lot of shirts, these days come with UV protection from harmful sun rays.

-- Adult Sizes --

Here are a few high quality golf shirts we like and that meet the criteria of great golf shirts, engineered for performance, at a good price.

Callaway Swing Tech

good golf shirts

Callaway is of course a classic name in the golf world. These shirts, in a variety of colors, make use of Opti-Dri moisture wicking technology and ventilated fabric to keep you cool on the course. Stretch fabric allows for a full range of motion and a UPF 50 factor protects from the sun. These shirts are flattering and wash well.

Under Armour Performance

UA mens tech golf polo

Under Armour is always a popular brand for golf shirts and these athletically fitted shirts don't disappoint. With four-way stretch they offer maximum flexibility with moisture wicking and quick dry fabric for all day comfort and control. They wash well and come in a variety of colors and designs. 

Nike Dri-Fit Victory Blade

NIke dri fit victory blade junior

This is classic Nike comfort with a soft feel and unique collar. Wicking technology keeps you dry and comfortable. The double-knit fabric is soft and designed with shoulder seems rolled forward to an easy, unencumbered swing. The blade collar, favored by Tiger Woods, is good looking and designed for no distraction.

adidas USA Polo

golf shirts

Be inspired by Team USA in this breathable, stretchy shirt with Freshrite long-lasting odor protection. The shirt has UPF 50 protection and is environmentally friendly manufactured with recycled polyester fabric. Dark blue and white options are also available.

RLX Golf

polo ralph lauren RLX golf polo junior

Ralph Lauren (official outfiftter of the USA Olympic team) presents a technical golf polo under its RLX brand. It's preppy, modern and technologically sophisticated. 

The brands above are more traditional looks by the traditional golfing powerhouses. You know you are getting quality, performance and a great look!

There are some other new(ish) golfing brands that are exciting, super cool and definitely make a statement on the golf course. Waggle Golf wear is one of these and definitely has some non-traditional looks!

Bad Birdie

This brand fits into the more non-traditional approach to golf shirts but retaining the performance factors! Four-way stretch fabric allows for a non-restricted swing and anti-odor technologies provide confidence on the course. Not that you need it if you're wearing a shirt like this!

bad birdie golf shirts juniors

--Kid's Sizes--

Younger golfers look for the same criteria in their golf shirts as their older team mates. Comfort, style, flexibility (stretch), moisture wicking and UV protection are the selling factors.

adidas Polos

Super soft, stretchy fabric that protects from the sun and keeps the young player cool and stylish. These shirts come in various fun color combinations.

good golf shirts for kids

Puma Mattr Boys Polo

best golf shirts for boys
MATTR represents : Materials, Technology, and Research, and is designed to provide the highest level of on-course comfort in all climate environments. The four-way stretch fabric allows for maximum on course comfort and engineered for high-performance and serious style.

Under Armour Boys' Performance 

best kids golf shirts

The technology that goes into Under Armour's adult sized golf shirts is used in their younger kids' shirts too. They even provide a bit of fun in their styling!

Polo Ralph Lauren (RLX) Boys' Performance 

Boys RLX golf shirts

Polo Ralp Lauren and the RLX brand have some excellent quality shirts for kids as young as toddler age through teens and adult sizes.  Juniors will like the stretch fabric that also has moisture wicking technology to keep them dry and cool on those hot summer days.


A good golf shirt is technologically designed for comfort, flexibility to fly the ball effortlessly off the tee box and generate maximum confidence doing it. You don't have to be wearing your spirit animal to feel it just over your shoulder. 

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