PING Golf Men’s Hoofer Bag Review

PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag Review

Your golf bag is an essential item you will need to enjoy a great game. Anyone who likes to play golf regardless of his age should consider several things before purchasing a bag. It should be simple, light-weight, durable and organized.

If you end up buying a heavy-duty golf bag that conveniently holds too many clubs but leaves you exhausted at the end of the day; then there is no point to spend a fortune on your golf bag, which is also the case when you are buying a golf bag for your children or teens.

PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag

Since amateurs do not need to carry too many clubs and require a light-weight golf bag; you should choose a model that keeps you focused and refreshed. There are too many brands that produce high quality and light-weight golf bags for a comfortable game of golf.

Buyers must focus on durability, comfort and ease of use when buying a golf bag for their juniors. Use the same criteria when buying a golf bag for amateurs.

About The Product

The PING Golf Men’s Hoofer Bag brings a multitude of functionality features for the amateur or junior golf player. It features a lightweight design and is ideal for all kinds of golfers, about any age. It doesn't matter if you want to ride carts during play or intend to walk a lot on the golf course.

The PING Golf Men's Hoofer is not too heavy. It weighs just about five pounds and comprises of 12 pockets, which means it boasts a great design for keeping for storing all your valuables, beverages, keys, cell phones and gold equipment. You can easily keep your tees, ball markers and balls inside your golf bag. Product highlights:

  • Product Highlights
  • Water Resistant
  • 5-way top
  • Backpack convertible style straps
  • Twelve pockets

Other important features include a removable rain hood, an umbrella holder and a strap channel to make the bag extremely accessible and safe.

Features And Benefits

Thanks to the bag’s double-strap system, the bag is made out of a moisture-wicking material that keeps it cool and dry on hot summer days. It has a stylish design that works for all kinds of golfers.

It is built to endure everyday use and is strong enough to easily adjust onto any individual's shoulder with its dual sliding shoulder straps. You also get a deployable rain hood that is attached inside the cushioned hip pad to keep the clubs safe.

The golf bag offers more storage and size than most other conventional golf bags that are ideal for amateurs or juniors. This reason is why it is a popular golf carry bag that offers both durability and functionality.

PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag Pockets

It does a great job at balancing accessibility and comfort. The five-way reinforced top is tough and adds durability to the bag. The Hoofer is popular for allocating good balance and results in even pressure on both the shoulders.

The bag includes multiple water-resistant pockets, which means you can protect your valuable golf gear in harsh weather conditions. The Hoofer benefits from new dual-sliding and adjustable straps that are convenient to take on and off. The strap also makes the bag very easy to carry. It also features a new leg retention strap to keep the legs tight to the bag when it is retracted.


  • High-quality construction
  • Durable
  • Incredible structure
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strap sliders for comfortable carrying
  • Beautiful design
  • Convenient shoulder pads
  • Functional stand mechanism
  • Several pockets for more storage
  • Hard plastic grip


  • Stand legs may not be as durable as other bags
  • A bit heavier than other models

The Ping Hoofer is one of the best golf bags around that continue to deliver toper performance regarding durability and storage. A few users believe the bag is a bit heavier than other similar models. However, the storage capacity and high quality built makes up for its minor drawbacks.

What Others Say

Customers who purchased the PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag consider it a valuable purchase for their teens and children. If you are looking for a great bag that offers incredible storage for an amateur golfer, then this is probably one of the best available models to serve as a great addition to your children's golf gear.

It features a beautiful design and benefits from a high-quality construction. Although, some reviewers observe that the big is a bit heavier than the other models they purchased in the past; it is a great model that offers multiple pockets to fit just about anything you want.

A good golf bag should not just look good. The design should enable you to store all your precious belongings to protect them. This bag is great for teens and all amateurs who want an affordable bag that offers a lot of space.

Buying Advice

If you are seeking a good quality and durable golf bag to keep all your belongings in one place when you are out on a long golf game; the PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag serves as a valuable addition to your golf gear. It is a popular bag among both amateur and professional golf players. You will never lose anything thanks to the incredible storage space that this bag offers.

PING Golf Men's Hoofer Bag Review


It currently enjoys a good share of reviews from customers who praise it for its functionality and design. All interested buyers can purchase this bag for almost $199 with free shipping from Amazon, which means you will save $25 on your purchase.

Final Verdict

The incredible PING Hoofer Stand Bag is a contemporary and stylish golf bag that is designed to make your golf games more entertaining. The manufacturers of this product are known for producing only the best of products to satisfy a large customer-base of passionate golfers.

With the Hoofer Stand Bag, you not just get good storage but also the incredible Enhanced Ergonomics technology to relieve you during a busy day at the golf course.

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