Best Golf Gloves for Teen Junior Golfers

best gloves for junior golfers

Ben Hogan never wore one. Jack Nicklaus never took his off. The modern junior golfer is probably somewhere in between – they probably take their gloves off for putting and maybe a short chip. Gloves tend to come off when feel and touch are most important on the golf course – but of course, that is a matter of personal preference.

best gloves for junior golfers

Golf gloves are an integral part of the game these days. FootJoy first started exploring different fabrics and designs for golf gloves back in the late 1890s, although they only became popular accessories for golfers 70 years later.

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

The main reason golfers wear a glove is for enhanced grip, especially on drives, fairway woods and long iron shots where club speed is high and a slippery hand can result in inconsistent shots.

They also protect hands from blisters resulting from repeated swings and offer some protection against the elements.

Most golfers wear a glove on their non-dominant hand as that is the hand that generates power and speed through the swing, i.e. on the left hand for a right handed person.

Fit and Size

The glove should fit snugly like a second skin with no loose material, as any movement will affect the shot. There should be room to adjust the velcro enclosure, so about 1/4 of the velcro should be left uncovered.  The fingers should be touching the end of the glove. The key measurements are the length of the fingers and the circumference of the hand as pictured below.

junior golf glove fitting

Below is a FootJoy golf glove sizing chart. Fortunately, once you have determined your glove size, the size runs pretty true through other brands. Note that if you have short fingers, a Cadet Size glove is often the best fit.

how do i find my golf glove size

Kinds of Golf Gloves

There are a wide variety of golf gloves available including rain and winter gloves.  Gloves are made of either leather (more durable) or synthetic fabrics (less expensive but generally need to be replaced more often).

Here are some of the most popular golf gloves on the market, reviewed by our junior golfer test market.

FootJoy WeatherSof

best gloves for junior golfers

These are probably the most popular all-weather golf gloves and very affordable. They are super-durable but don’t compromise on comfort.  They have a premium Cabretta leather palm and thumb patch for strength and make use of PowerNet mesh inserts for breathability.

Robbie says that these gloves are very comfortable. I really like their look and feel. They give me confidence off the tee that my hand won't slip and I get a good feel for my shots around the green too. They look cool and feel cool.

FootJoy RainGrip Gloves

best golf gloves for junior golfers

These gloves are popular in that they last a long time and can be used in all weather conditions. The Quirky knit material allows for flexibility, breathability and quick drying comfort. The suede palm provides maximum grip in wet or humid conditions. These gloves come in pairs, fit true to size and have a spot to keep a ball marker. Reviewers have said they prefer these gloves to winter gloves in cold weather because, although rain gloves are not built to keep hands warm, these do offer an element of warmth and comfort on cold days but are not as bulky as winter gloves. While most people use these purely as rain gloves, they can and occasionally are used for general everyday golfing. 

 D1 commit, Connor writes that the FootJoy Rain glove is literally the only glove I ever wear. I love the feel of it and it always helps me to get a good grip on the glove. Hand sweat is never a problem and I feel like my glove never gets slippery, which is very important for me. I never have to worry about switching gloves in the middle of a round or have it feeling uncomfortable at all. It's also very durable as they take a very long time to form any holes or worn spots.

Titleist Players Glove

best junior golf gloves

The Titleist Players golf glove is made of premium leather and has a comfortable and luxurious feel. It is reinforced on the thumb and cuff for extra durability. This is an extremely popular glove. A bit more expensive but reviews show it is pretty durable and is very comfortable. It might run a bit small and feel a bit tight until the leather gives a bit.

TH absolutely loves these golf gloves. I don't know what I would do without them. They are very comfortable and fit my hand and fingers very well. I use a Cadet size.

Callaway OptiColor Leather Glove

best junior golf gloves

The Callaway OptiColor is a full leather glove in great looking colors. It has perforated palm and fingers for breathability. It fits snug but comfortably. In the beginning, the color may bleed a little on hot days when your hand sweats a lot, but is easily wiped off and is not an ongoing issue.

Keeton says: I think that the red leather Callaway golf glove is a great glove to gift to anyone who likes color and attention when out of the golf course. I think the glove is more for people with tougher hands than mine as I found the leather quite rough. On the upside, the grip is very good and the velcro tab exceptionally strong making my hand feel very secure in the glove. Overall a good glove, I would rate it 7/10. 

TaylorMade RBZ Tech Glove

best golf gloves for junior golfers

TaylorMade’s wear-resistant synthetic fabric is designed to maximize grip consistency in hot and humid conditions. It has strategically place micro-perforations for breathability and is one of the most resilient and well-priced gloves out there. Reviewers found that, for the price, it holds up well, dries well and is a consistently all-round resilient glove.

Ryan writes: This glove exceeded my expectations. Being a white glove I expected it to get dirty quickly, but to my surprise it really didn't. I played a round in muddy and overcast conditions. Through my shots, both good and bad, muddy and dry the glove held its own. I even spilled hot chocolate on it and my hand stayed protected! The glove has a really great fit. In hitting my drives and making my putts I was able to feel things on a scale that my usual glove couldn't compare to. All in all, this glove exceeded my expectations and is a great glove for any golfer. After reviewing this glove I think I might be making a switch on which glove I use going forward.

Bionic Stablegrip Golf Glove

best gloves for junior golfers

Bionic’s patented technology has been designed by an orthopedic hand specialist with the highest quality fabrics to fit like a second skin. Relief pads are anatomically positioned to even out the surface of the hand, distributing pressure evenly while gripping the club.  All motion zones in the hand are constructed for optimum flexibility with breathable Lycra. The glove is on the expensive side, but is snug and comfortable and people love how it grips the club. Although more expensive these gloves will last longer than most others.

Camden writes: This Bionic glove is very comfortable as well as very warm. It has amazing flexibility and grip strength. It really helps me hit the ball further and I feel I have much better control over the club. I really like that it provides some insulation against the cold weather. On the inside it is super soft and comfortable to wear. 

Vice Duro Golf Glove

best golf gloves

Known for their entry into the golf market with some excellent performing golf balls, Vice is now also entering the glove market so we were excited to try these out. Vice Duro golf gloves are designed for maximum feel  and control in all weather conditions. Vice uses a synthetic polyurethane fabric with Cabretta leather enforcements at the palm. All materials are designed for maximum durability.  Reviewers generally like the glove but be aware that it tends to run small.

Joshua writes: The Vice golf glove is a pretty good glove. The small holes between and on the fingers are nice for hand breathability, and the glove feels soft at the touch. The velcro strap is nice and strong, which helps with slippage. However, I think the glove runs small. The fingers were a little tighter than I would normally expect. I also don't really like the yellow tag on the front that says "Vice" on it. It stands out too much from the rest of the glove. There's also too much writing on the strap of the glove. Overall, it's a pretty good glove that's worth checking out. 

Zero Friction Golf Gloves

best junior golf gloves

Zero Friction Universal Fit golf gloves come in a variety of fun and bright colors. The glove includes a detachable Zero Friction hybrid tee and ball marker feature. The universal fit fits most juniors' hands and is made of a very durable synthetic material. Black lycra allows for breathability and these gloves perform well in all weather conditions. Compared to some of the more expensive golf gloves, these tend not to last as long, especially in hot and humid environments.

Brennan reviewed the Zero Friction and was not as enamored of the glove as other players have been. He did, however, love the color and the tee and ball marker feature.  Funnily enough, friend and fellow player Robbie who usually plays with FootJoy but is not committed to a single brand, has played a lot with the Zero Friction, particularly as a much younger player, and really likes them.


Gloves are an integral part of a golfer’s equipment. A good glove is comfortable, durable and provides maximum feel and grip in all weather conditions.

For information, reviews and recommendations for gloves for younger junior golfers see our article: Junior Golf Gloves

best golf gloves for junior golfers

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