Stylish Golf Shirts: Four Trending Brands

stylish golf shirts waggle

There is no shortage of stylish golf clothes and Golf is generally one of those sports where you are free to express your self and cultivate your own signature style - within the broad guidelines of golf attire etiquette (briefly no denim, no t-shirts,  nothing too short, clingy or uncollared).

Stylish golf shirts notwithstanding, golf is not a game prone to frivolous trends and good golfers tend to be more individualists – worrying more how they address the ball than how they dress themselves. That doesn’t mean they don’t necessarily just not care about what they look like. Golfers are by nature deliberate thinkers and strategists. Looking sharp appeals to a golfer’s mentality, but they’re certainly never going to be a slave to high fashion.

stylish golf shirts

Macmillan brothers rocking Devereux threads.

In this article we look at three trending brands that the older junior golfer may well get a little pleasure and inspiration from that exist in a super stylish world of their own beneath the big brand golfing radar, and one old favorite that sits pretty on our junior golfer’s back year after year.


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The two brothers who started Devereux have been in the business of making fresh and different golf shirts for five years. They launched a boy’s line this year too! Named after their inspirational grandmother, the vision of Devereux is to provide comfortable, functional golf shirts, with a hint of whimsy and fine dressing to both golfers and the confident man about town.

Devereux Performance Polos are engineered for the golfer with maximum stretch and a soft hand finish. The polyester/spandex blend fabric is moisture wicking and anti-microbial, made for playing golf in warmer climates. The designs run the gamut from Ivy League through Whimsical, and Boardwalk to Street. Clean lines with a subtle edge – you will look good without even trying.

Devereux provides exceptional customer service and a classic urban vibe for the ages.

Cost: Around $60


stylish golf shirts

Waggle golf shirts are definitely not your average golf shirt! These shirts are loud, colorful and  mischievous. In a Waggle shirt you’re strutting your stuff on the golf course with delightful swagger. From Flamingo Sunrise to Tipsy Turtle, Shark Attack and Cocky Rooster – these shirts are conversation starters and some of the most comfortable shirts in the golf scene.

Waggle shirts are made with a polyester spandex blend, are anti-bacterial, breathable, moisture wicking and offer zero restriction through your swing.  Stand out, swing freely – you have nothing to prove in a Waggle shirt!

Cost: Around $60


stylish golf shirts

Rhoback derives its inspiration from a dog. Not just any dog – a Rhodesian Ridgeback – fast, powerful and independent with a talent for tracking lions in the African savannha. The signature back ridge is also found on Rhoback’s performance active wear that is designed for the athlete to transition seamlessly from one activity to the other, be it tennis, golf, boating or just going casual - and is their inspiration to always be ready for the next adventure.  And “adventurous” best describes the talent behind the brand. In fact it is their signature #craveactivity.

Rhoback’s Performance Polos are breathable and quick-drying.  Made from a polyester/spandex blend the shirts are moisture wicking and extra soft. The shirts are designed to play in the sun and provide UPF 40-50+ sun protection. They are tagless which offers a further degree of comfort and the collar is designed to keep its shape wash after wash.

Rhoback provides stellar service and heavenly design and color options. Rhoback also wears their social activism on the sleeves. Twenty percent of the sales of The Reeve Performance Polo are donated to Team Reeve – the active campaign arm of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation that works to change lives and make a difference to those living with paralysis.  Twenty percent of the sales of the Pipes & Drums polo benefits retired and active New York City Firefighters.

Cost: Around $80

Travis Mathew

stylish golf shirts

Pro golfer, Travis Johnson was the original inspiration behind the Travis Mathew brand. Travis Mathew golf shirts are cool and collected, with a little southern California edge. Super comfortable and high quality it is a brand that connects generations and epitomizes quiet confidence. A go-to golf shirt for any junior golfer, youth through teenager, who wants to go out there and just get it done!

The shirt pictured is a cotton polyester blend, which is wrinkle resistant with enhanced stretch. Probably one of the softest golf shirts you will wear and it is quick drying and moisture wicking too. Other golf shirts in the brand also come in a polyester spandex blend with is lightweight with enhanced stretch.

Perhaps not as flashy as the other brands reviewed above, Travis Mathew is easy on the eye and does not recoil from a touch of whimsy here and there.

Cost: Around $60-$70

Ultimately of course when push comes to shove it doesn’t necessarily matter how sharp you look on the golf course. It matters how you’ve practiced, how you’ve prepared, how you’re feeling in the moment.

But as golf is such a mental game – if you feel good in the clothes that feeling may well permeate into every aspect of the day. Seriously, we can all use every possible advantage out there.

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