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Girl’s golf is exploding. The LPGA has witnessed a 90% increase in total prize pool money in the last decade. There has also been an 18% per year increase in unique viewers of LPGA Tour coverage. And as Nelly Korda, Brooke Henderson and Lydia Ko continue to drive these numbers, on the other end of the scale, young girls are fueling the passion.

The Covid pandemic fueled a new interest in golf in both men and women, girls and boys. Per the National Golf Federation,  2020 saw an increase of 450,000 new female golfers (adults and juniors).

Our article, Girls Golf Clubs, talks about the state of girl’s golf in the USA as well as gives a comprehensive breakdown of girl’s golf clubs.

girls golf

We spoke to a girl’s high school golf team and got some insight from Ellie, Caroline, Savannha, Nuru and Julia into their track, basis in and passion for the game.

Girls Talk Golf

How long have you played golf?

Two of the girls started only about a year or two ago. The most experienced player, who will be playing collegiate golf next year, started when she was about 7 years old.

Golf requires quite a time commitment, what made you carry on playing when no doubt your friends were off doing other things?

Ellie admitted that she did quit golf for a while for this reason but realized that she really liked to be doing things outside, she needed an activity and a purpose and she took up golf again and has not looked back.

Caroline, who has played most of her life, is mostly inspired by her family who all play golf. They all go out and enjoy it as a family.

Nuru has an older brother who is an excellent collegiate player. Her mom encouraged her to continue in his footsteps. 

Julia, who is a sophomore, plays and goes out to practice because she wants to play college golf eventually.

What is your favorite thing about the game of golf?

All the girls agreed that they loved being outside making memories. They like to play with friends and seeing competitors in different tournaments that become friends too. They recognize it is a game you can play all your life and as you play more you get improve and when you are scoring better you tend to have more fun.

What is your favorite thing about playing on a high school golf team?

Playing with peers and building friendships is an important factor to the girls. They also recognize the golf course as a place to escape life for a while and just relax. Often it is more difficult to find someone to play with if you are a girl, but on a team you have a built in group. Scholarship opportunities are also a factor in going out and playing high school golf.

Golf Gloves

From a glove point of view, most junior golfers wear a golf glove, probably taking them off for putting and maybe a short chip. Gloves tend to come off when feel and touch are most important on the golf course – but of course, that is a matter of personal preference.

Golf gloves are an intricate part of the game these days. Footjoy first started exploring different fabrics and designs for golf gloves back in the late 1890s, although they only became popular accessories for golfers 70 years later.

Why wear a golf glove?

The main reason golfers wear a glove is for increased grip on drives and long iron shots where a slippery hand can result in inconsistent shots.

They also protect hands from blisters resulting from repeated swings and offer an element of protection against the elements.

Most golfers wear a glove on their non-dominant hand as that is the hand that generates power and speed through the swing.

Kinds of golf gloves

There are a wide variety of golf gloves available including rain and winter gloves.  Gloves are made of either leather (more durable) or synthetic fabrics (less expensive but need to be replaced more often).

Our boys’ junior golf test market reviewed some of the most popular gloves on the market in our article: Best Golf Gloves for Teen Junior Golfers

Here are five of the most popular girls golf gloves on the market, reviewed by our girl’s high school golf team.

Girls Golf Gloves

Birdie Town Jupiter
girls golf gloves

These gloves come in a selection of tropical inspired designs. They have an all weather grip made from 100% synthetic leather on palm and face. A breathable mesh allows for breathability and keeps the player’s hand cooler in summer than an all-leather design. The glove is contoured to provide a comfortable fit. It is designed as a one-size-fits-all glove.

Ellie says: The Birdie Town glove is probably one of the best gloves I’ve played with. It has a mesh part that allows air to seep through, which is nice so my hand doesn’t sweat. It didn’t get crusty like other gloves do when you take them off. I know it isn’t very important, but the pattern on the glove is so adorable. I feel super stylish wearing it. In conclusion, I thoroughly love this glove and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a snug fitting, stylish glove.

Copper Tech
girls golf gloves

These innovative gloves come in four bright, happy colors and are one-size-fits-all. With Copper infused and Honey-Comb technology this glove seeks to improve both health and performance while preventing strain and muscle fatigue. In addition with a non-slip Honey-Comb Grip the glove improves slip resistance and wicks away moisture. People love the durability of this glove and the fact that it can be machine washed time after time and retain its efficiency.

Julia reviewed this glove. The Copper Tech Plus golf is by far my favorite glove right now. As soon as I put the glove on I noticed how great the flexibility is, I didn’t have to take my time like I do with most gloves to stretch it out. The material has a great grip to the club so I can be comfortable and confident that my club is secure. However one thing that I wasn’t too happy with is the thin layer of the fabric on the pinky, palm and thumb where the most friction happens in my swing, and it could tear easily. Otherwise this was a great glove and I can’t wait to continue to use it! 

girls golf gloves

The MRX glove comes in a variety of colors and is made of Cabretta Leather. The palm of the glove has an extra premium leather pad that provides a functional grip and full-handed support in all weather conditions.

Savannha says: The MRX Glove is a bit tight but I definitely liked the feel and the pattern of it.

Callaway X Tech
girls golf gloves

The Callaway X Tech is made of premium Cabretta leather that ensures comfort and a secure grip. It has perforations and strategically-placed tech mesh for breathability through the round. These gloves tend to run a little small but are widely praised for comfort and durability.

Caroline says: The Callaway glove was an overall very good glove. The glove was very comfortable and had enough fabric all around that would prevent tears and rips in the glove. The glove was not a slippery glove and I was able to keep my strong grip throughout the round. My one complaint would be that since the glove had so much thick material around it, during Summer and warmer seasons it would make my hand sweat more than a glove that was thinner. On the same note, the glove would be great for Winter seasons. 

girls golf gloves

The leather palm patch is designed for maximum comfort,  grip and feel on the course. The grooved pattern adds to grip in all weather conditions. Lightweight spandex provides for breathability and a consistent fit. This is perhaps not the most durable of gloves on the market but it does fit most hands and provides a secure grip and feel.

Nuru says: I enjoyed being able to try out Maxfli’s adorable pink and white ladies glove. First impressions were excellent, although I was a bit concerned when the packaging said “one size fits all.” It was very tight when I first tried it on, and I played a couple rounds hoping it would loosen out, but after a few days, was still quite snug for a one-size-fits-all item. I like the concept, but I can attest that this glove does not fit everyone, as it appears to be primarily for those size small, and I'm usually a medium. The glove's material and appearance are both appealing, and the mesh allows for plenty of air flow. I can't say it equals to my other gloves, but if you're a small, I definitely think you'll enjoy the feel and overall look, as I can say this is one of the more simple but cutest golf gloves I’ve seen!


Gloves are an integral part of a golfer’s equipment. Ladies gloves often come in a wide range of colorful and co-ordinating designs. However, whatever it looks like, a good glove is comfortable, durable and provides maximum feel and grip in all weather conditions.

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