Junior Golf: Teach Your Children How To Play Golf

Junior Golf: Learn Your Children How To Play Golf

In the past ten years, junior golfing has grown enormously in popularity. The golfing industry for kid golfers has become a booming business. Many of the major golf equipment companies are now manufacturing junior golf accessories, apparel, equipment, and training aids. These include U.S.Kids Golf (quality equipment for beginners and younger golfers), Cobra, Ping, Callaway etc.

And for a good reason: a wide majority of American parents have become more inclined towards letting their children learn how to play golf. There is no question that the opportunities for kid golfers have grown vastly.

Now, kids can learn how to play golf and purse the sport recreationally or to competitively. There are many junior tournaments including PGA sponsored kids' golfing tournaments where children aged 5 and above participate with a chance to win some hardware and even some cool prizes like pro-shop certificates or store credit.

Putting Golf Balls On Tees

Today, the young need more than ever to escape from the computer and console gaming, become more active both mentally and physically and to aptly socialize with other people from various backgrounds.

The best way to do that is to learn how to play gold. Golfing comprises of everything your child needs to grow strong, motivated and successful in his life. Through golf, he is going learn patience, focus, interaction, information absorbing and the courage to achieve his goals no matter what obstacles he may face later on in his life. 

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Children To Play Golf

Teaching your child to play golf can be a challenge, but here are some things to think about...

Golf Teaches Kids Core Life Values

Perhaps the most important thing about getting your junior involved with golf is that they learn core values that they will carry with them in life. These core values include honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgement. As PG Wodehouse wrote in his short story Ordeal by Golf, ‘To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.'

Anyone Can Learn And Play Golf

There is no doubt that in golf, no matter how old, young, big or small you are - you can learn to play the sport without too many complications. You don't have to be overly athletic or under a certain age to play golf. Golf is one of the only true life sport in that anyone can play it - and be competitive thanks to the handicapping system - in any shape and at any age.

That said, it has also become a very cool game for kids to play, especially with the recent influx of young, athletic juniors making their way into and winning on the PGA Tour.​ There are a number of golfers on tour like Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Lexi Thompson, who are great role models for young people and are breaking down barriers and out of date traditions.

Very Small Chances Of Injuries

Unlike a majority of sports out there, for example, soccer, American football, baseball, and basketball, the chances of injuries in golfing are less to non-existent. Why? That is because it isn't a contact sport. So, you can relax and stay injury-free while enjoying a golf well into your adult life.

Golfer Holding For Backs

Positive and Safe Environment

Most golf courses are extremely safe environments with responsible adults running the pro shop and out and around on the practice range, putting green and on the course. This is one reason that summer junior golf camps are becoming so popular for parents to leave their kids for the day to learn valuable life skills in a positive environment. 

Your Junior Will Develop Lifelong Friendships

There is no telling the type of people you will encounter while playing a round of golf on a golf course. However, if you want to make friends, a golf course is the ideal place to do that. You will find so many positive people that help you become successful not only in golf but life as well.

Success will always breed success. And the friends you make on the golf course will stick with you for life. The sport helps create deep bonds - and the best part is, if you play golf, you can make friends all over the world.

Golf Helps Prime People For Business

Although it is hard to say anything right now as your child is training, children grow looking up to encouraging people. And the people they meet on the golf course are going to play an instrumental role in their success as they come into their teen years and when they start going to college.

Golf is a unique sport that helps individuals become people persons and excel in professional arenas and business. You can learn a lot from the adults around you on the golf course no matter what age you are.

Spending Some Quality Time Outdoors

Today, there are millions of children throughout the world hooked on video games, tablets, smartphones, virtual reality and whatnot. This addiction increases the risk of obesity as kids are not getting as much physical activity as they need. It has become difficult to convince kids to go out for a camping trip or a field trip of sorts.

Group Of Junior Golfers

However, golfing is the only sport and the perfect excuse to spend some quality time in the sun, scoring some good shots. Teaching your child to learn how to play golf can help with their mental and physical development.

Types Of Apparel Kid Golfers Should Wear

Outfitting your kid and preparing him to play golf on a golf course can be a bit of a daunting task. In golf, the attire required to be worn by the player leans towards being formal, which is something that is going to be difficult for your child to accept.

Traditional regulation in golf for junior players state that they should be treated as mini-adults and have to adhere to the same rules and regulations of the game as adults do. However, there is a bit of flexibility on what he can wear when he is on the golf course.


When it comes to footwear, your kid must wear golf shoes, which are easily available. That is when he is playing - off the field, if he is there for spectating a game, he should wear sneakers that are closed-toe. As per the rules, you cannot wear sandals, flipflops, joggers, running shoes and open-toe sandals on any golf course.


Junior golfer (boys) should wear collared shirts, which should be tucked in. Girls, on the other hand, should wear shirts that can either be sleeveless or with sleeves and while most have collars it is not required. Juniors can also wear a button-up shirt (Oxford type polo). Junior players should not wear t-shirts or anything resembling beach attire on the golf course.

Shorts, Pants and Skorts

Most golf courses allow junior boys to wear shorts and girls to wear either shorts or skorts (golf skirts) while playing. Golf skirts have cut pleats to allow for a golf swing motion and are usually made with built in undershorts. ​Look for comfortable relaxed fitting shorts or pants. Shorts are usually dress shorts with a pleated or flat front. Courses generally do not allow denim / jeans of any sort and also do not allow workout, basketball or running shorts and some do not allow cargo shorts. Most of the large golf apparel companies now make junior clothing although some are definitely better than others. 

Junior Golfer Clothing Shorts

Hats and Other Accessories

A good fitting cap or hat is a must for all junior golfers. We highly recommend getting juniors used to wearing hats at all times when in the sun for extended periods such as a 4.5 hour golf round. Most golf caps or baseball peaks are adjustable but occasionally they are not so check before buying! A good fitting belt and comfortbale padded socks are also important to making the golfing experience more enjoyable for your junior. 

Bottom Line

So there you have it, everything you need to know about why your kid should learn how to play golf and the type of clothes he should wear when on a golf course.

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