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Big Driver Two Seat Golf Cart
Lil Driver One Seat Golf Cart

There are many great ways of getting kids into a variety of sports from the time they are toddlers. Parents that want to get their kids involved and interested in golf at that age should consider getting them an electric ride-on kids golf cart. This article examines some of the best motorized ride-on kids golf carts and also outlines the safety factors that parents should be aware of.

These kids golf carts are fun and a safe option for riding around at home, on walks with the dogs or in the park. Kids also learn the basic mechanics of steering, reversing, accelerating and braking at a young age. This puts them in a great position to start driving real golf carts when they are older and eventually even transitioning from golf carts to real cars. 

Most kids electric kids golf carts speeds are to limited to 2.5 mph although some go up to 5 mph. This is a safe yet fun speed for little ones. Most accommodate only one child although some are large enough for a driver and a passenger.

Driving a kids golf cart will also peak their interest in golf in general and as a result it will be much easier to convince kids to get off their electronics and come with you to the driving range or putting green. Ultimately, having a child that enjoys golf means many fun, electronic free hours with your child and also potentially some great family trips to wonderful golf destinations.

With that being said, if you’re considering investing in a golf cart for your child, below are some of your best options. Read on!

Dexton Big Driver

Big Driver Two Seat Golf Cart

Just as the title depicts, the Dexton Big Driver was designed for big and tall children aged 3-7. The Dexton kids golf cart has reverse and forward gears on one lever, the golf cart is powered by a 12V battery and provides a driving time of up to 4 hours.

With a seating capacity of 2 children and a maximum weight capacity of 90 lbs, the Dexton Big Driver’s forward gear runs from 2.5 mph to 5 mph. The reverse gear, on the other hand, runs at a standard 2.5 mph for safety reasons.

Other great features of this golf cart are plastic drink holders with a gloss coating and chrome handlebars.

Dexton Lil Driver

Lil Driver One Seat Golf Cart

What better way to get your child amped up about golfing than with the Dexton Lil Driver golf cart? For increased realism, the cart comes with a set of golf clubs. Furthermore, when it comes to safety, the cart moves at a slow speed. This quickly melts away any fears you may have about your child speeding off and in turn, causing all sorts of damage.

With both reverse and forward gears, the Dexton Lil Driver also has a padded seat that enhances comfort for your child. Powered by a rechargeable 6V battery, this golf cart that’s recommended for kids aged 4-6 also features a fold-over sun canopy coupled with a functional horn. With a loading capacity of 60 lbs, the Dexton Lil Driver can only accommodate one child at a time.

Kid Motorz 6-Volt Junior Pro

Kid Motorz Junior 6V Pro Golf Cart Ride-On, White

With a 6V powered battery, this golf cart gives kids a fun driving experience on smooth surfaces. Moving at a speed of 2.5 mph, the Kid Motorz was built with safety in mind. It also offers a reverse functionality that allows the young drivers to back up and steer clear from obstructions.

The Kid Motorz offers a 30-45 minute driving duration and comes with a golf bag and a set of kids clubs, tees, and balls. This gives the little ones a chance to start developing interest in the sport and hone their skills by practicing their swings when they’re not driving.

Moreover, there’s a canopy that serves to protect against the sun’s harmful rays when driven outdoors and also a reverse warning buzzer and horn that alerts others of the cart’s presence.

Note that this is a small cart and designed for toddlers are very young kids. It is not fast and will operate best on on smooth paved surfaces - it is not designed for operation on grass.

NLP Junior Golf Cart 6V

NLP Junior Golf Cart 6v White

With dimensions of 39”X 22” 39”, the NLP Junior Golf Cart comes in white and is recommended for kids aged 3-5 years. It is powered by a 6V battery and comes with essential accessories such as a water bottle holder with a water bottle, storage basket, and a canopy.

Regarding safety, the NLP Junior Golf Cart 6V’s forward and reverse accelerator pedals have a maximum speed of 2.5 mph, which puts any parent at ease.

With a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs and practical large tires, the golf cart can only accommodate 1 lightweight rider, a set of toddler golf clubs, and tees.

Golf Cart Safety

Whether your child will be traveling in their own small kids ride on golf cart or they are going to be traveling in a golf cart with you, there are a few safety precautions you need to follow to ensure your child's safety. The best motorized ride-on kids golf carts all have a roof that is relatively tall. However, if not tall enough to be seen from a car, we recommend adding a safety flag to the cart. 

All kids using their ride on golf carts as detailed above should also have adult supervision at all times to ensure safety. Kids golf carts should never be driven on the road, even in a quiet cul-de-sac. Being smaller makes them difficult to see from larger motor vehicles. Sidewalks are generally fine and can be a fun way to help mom or dad walk the dogs but pay attention to vehicles backing out of driveways. 

Adults should ensure that kids stay well clear of all full sized motor vehicles. This includes being well away from regular roads and being aware of vehicles entering or exiting drive ways. Unless driving around in a securely fenced back yard or basement, kids should always be closely supervised when driving their golf cart.

Kids should never stand in the cart as they can fall with resulting injuries.  Also, pay attention to the recommended ages and do not allow kids that are too young to drive the cart.

As far as charging the batteries, we recommend storing the cart in the garage and adults should always do the charging, not kids.  Once the cart is recharged unplug it. Set a timer if you need to. Although most batteries do not overheat it can happen. 

Know the Laws

A full size golf cart can typically only reach a maximum of fifteen miles per hour, but it also doesn't come equipped with many of the safety features you would otherwise find in a car, including headlights, mirrors and seat belts.

Depending on your state, there are certain times of the day when a golf cart can be driven, and they may only be able to travel on certain roadways and in areas that have proper lighting. For a regular golf cart, a child must be sixteen years of age and have a valid driver's license in order to operate it on public roads.

Teach Your Children the Safety Rules

Riding in any kind of golf cart will definitely prove to be a lot of fun for your kids, but you need to teach them the basic safety rules. This way, you can avoid incidents where the child may fall out or otherwise get hurt. Basic safety includes breaking well before reaching obstacles, checking behind before reversing, not driving close to other kids or adults, avoiding driving up or down steep slopes or wet areas etc.

Wear a Helmet

It may also be a good idea to have your child follow the basic safety rules they would follow while riding their bikes. So, when they use their ride on golf cart, it is recommended that they wear a helmet for some added safety. There are many options for cool kids multi-sport helmets that they will like wearing.

The Bottom Line

With an average price of a little over $300 these best motorized ride-on kids golf carts are not cheap but can provide years of fun for kids and also peak their interest in golf. They make a great birthday or holiday present for those special occasions. Getting kids out the house and off their electronic and games can be a challenge and a kids golf carts can be a great option to help in this regard.

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