SuperSpeed Training for Junior Golfers

Junior Golf Superspeed

Is the SuperSpeed golf training equipment and program beneficial for junior golfers? In this article we look at the training program, equipment, and results from SuperSpeed training for junior golfers.

Superspeed training for junior golfers


If your junior is looking to add some distance to their game - and let's face it, who isn't - SuperSpeed Golf might be the answer. The researchers at SuperSpeed Golf determined that using lighter weight clubs in  specific training protocols can help increase swing speed, maximize biomechanical efficiency of the swing, improve consistency in ball striking and reduce many common swing flaws caused by inefficient sequencing. 

Using a light weight driver to practice fast swings is nothing new. However, research was conducted on rotational velocities in the kinematic sequence that resulted in SuperSpeed building the 20% lighter, 10% lighter and 5% heavier SuperSpeed sticks that demonstrated better speed gains overall when done using certain training techniques.

According to the SuperSpeed site, over 350 tour players are using the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, including Phil Mickelson who, although pushing 50, is driving it as well as he has in a long time and remains a fierce contender on the PGA circuit. SuperSpeed training for junior golfers can have the same benefits as the pro's experience.

There is nothing complicated about this training concept and the junior golfer is likely to see a relatively quick improvement in swing speed and distance.  This is, of course, attractive to young golfers in our current culture that seeks immediate gratification.  Consistency is, however, what brings results in the long term and SuperSpeed Golf should not be regarded as a once off hack or something to be focused on the week before Drive, Chip, Putt for example. 

Superspeed training for junior golfers

Technical aspects of golf swing speed training

SuperSpeed Golf training utilizes the concept of overspeed/underspeed (or overload/underload) training which is used by athletes to train their bodies to move at speeds higher than normal competitive speeds. In addition it trains both sides of the body resulting in the ability to both swing faster and brake faster.

Overspeed is generally defined as any training modality that provides a way for the body to actively displace at speeds higher than volitionally possible. The goal of overspeed training is to override current abilities to create an adaption that will enable faster unassisted speed later. For example, athletes run uphill reps to develop power, and focus on fast downhill sessions after to show their leg muscles they can move quicker than they think - all beneficial in a flat race.  

In the golfing world SuperSpeed Golf recognizes that the brain has a set range of speed for the neuro-muscular response when the golfer makes a golf swing. Following from that, the first need is to increase the response speed from the body by reducing the 'load' (weight) of club. Then gradually increase the load to teach the brain that the body is capable of running the motor pattern (sequencing) faster. 

Superspeed training for junior golfers

SuperSpeed Training for Juniors Golfers

For junior golfers, SuperSpeed golf has developed three age-specific SuperSpeed systems: for juniors 5 to 7 years old, 8 to 11 years old and 12 to 15 years old.

SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee Set - 5-7 years old

Superspeed for kids peewee

This set is designed for very young junior golfers and the length of the club, grip size and shaft flexes are set to optimize the effectiveness of early childhood speed development.

The SuperSpeed Golf PeeWee set contains the following:

  • Green “Light” Training Club: 30" long, 186 grams
  • Blue “Medium” Training Club: 30" long, 210 grams
  • Red “Heavy” Training Club: 30" long, 245 grams
  • Introduction and instruction card

SuperSpeed All Star Set - 8-10 years old

Superspeed for kids

This set was designed to continue to nurture speed and power to achieve optimal swing results in junior golfers. The technology focuses on developing fast twitch muscle fiber, coordination, and sequencing of the golf swing.

The SuperSpeed All Star set contains the following:

  • Green “Light” Training Club: 38" long, 211 grams
  • Blue “Medium” Training Club: 38" long, 238 grams
  • Red “Heavy” Training Club: 38" long, 277 grams
  • Introduction and instruction card

Junior SuperSpeed Golf Training System - 11 to 14 years

Superspeed golf for teens

This training system is optimized for players who play a lightweight driver with an overall weight between 270 and 300 grams.

The Junior SuperSpeed Golf training set contains the following:

  • Yellow “Superlight” Training Club: 41" long, 220 grams
  • Green “Light” Training Club: 41" long, 250 grams
  • Blue “Medium” Training Club: 41" long, 285 grams
  • Introduction and instruction card

Junior Golfers who play with a standard men's driver (overall weight 300g to 325g): Men's SuperSpeed Golf Training System

superspeed golf for juniors, superspeed golf training for junior golfers

This training system is optimized for players who play a standard weight men’s driver with an overall weight between 300 and 325 grams and contains the following:

  • Green “Light” Training Club: 45" long, 255 grams
  • Blue “Medium” Training Club: 45" long, 290 grams
  • Red “Heavy” Training Club: 45" long, 355 grams
  • Introduction and instruction card

The SuperSpeed Workout

A SuperSpeed Golf workout is fast and intense.  It takes about 5 minutes in all. Of course, like all workouts it should be done a few times a week for maximum results (3 times a week is a good target). The SuperSpeed Golf system utilizes a set of 3 clubs - differently weighted and color coded.  From a junior golfer's perspective, the SuperSpeed Golf system is sized relative to the weight of the player's current driver. The color coding is as follows:

  • Yellow = 30% lighter than driver
  • Green = 20% lighter than driver
  • Blue = 10% lighter than driver
  • Red = 5% heavier than driver.

SuperSpeed Golf should be looked at as a training protocol and approached seriously.  A warm-up is recommended before launching into the training to loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles.  This prepares the muscles for physical activity and prevents injury.  

One of the USA's top junior golf coaches in the country recommends the following approach to starting SuperSpeed Golf Training in junior golfers:

Warm up (10 reps each):
  1. Torso twist
  2. Bear hugs
  3. Lunge matrix (front, side, back)
  4. Air squats
  5. Push ups
  6. Plank (30 sec)

Note - these are some recommended warm up exercises that work the whole body and also provide some conditioning for junior golfers. Your junior golfer can use other warm up routines, but we highly recommended that some type of warm up is performed in order to prevent injury.  

SuperSpeed Golf swing drills protocol:

As with any good training program you start light and get more advanced as you train more. SuperSpeed has a number of training protocols as follows:

  • Introduction (first 4 weeks)
  • Level 1 (weeks 5-12)
  • Level 2 (months 4-6)
  • Level 3 (Variations on level 2, after 9 months) 

In addition, SuperSpeed has some recommended training protocols for juniors age 5-7 years old and for juniors age 8-11 years old. These use their "Peewee" and "Junior" sets, respectively. Check out the SuperSpeed training videos for more information.  

Here is the Introduction protocol/junior protocol:

Order of clubs: Light (green), Medium (blue), Heavy (red) (or in the case of the Junior protocol: yellow, green, blue).

3X (Light, Medium & Heavy Clubs)
3X on dominant side & 3 on non-dominant
3X (Light, Medium & Heavy Clubs)
3X on dominant side & 3 on non-dominant
1X (Lightest club)
3 swings as aggressively as possible


In order to gauge improvement ensure that the junior golfer's swing speed is recorded on Trackman prior to starting the 6-8 week training protocol.  The most important thing in the training is to swing fast.  Over a 2 month period one of our local juniors, a big 15 year old, took his swing speed from 105 to 118 mph. 

SuperSpeed training for junior golfers is definitely something for advanced juniors golfers to consider. A 10 mph increase in swing speed is achievable for the junior golfer and can result in a 20-30 yard increase in driver carry distance.  The club speed of the average tour player is 115 mph.  A worthy goal for anyone!

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