Winter Golf for Junior Golfers

winter golf junior golfers

There are so many junior golf tours and tournaments these days that a junior golfer can maintain a tournament schedule year round if they want - although there is nothing wrong with juniors taking a break or at least having a lighter schedule for a month or two. 

Many juniors that don't maintain a rigorous schedule in the winter still play on junior tours that run into the cold months. Winter golf for junior golfers is a reality every year given the length of the different tours and unpredictability of the weather around the country.

Even in Georgia some tournaments are played in very cold weather, sometimes even in snow flurries, temperatures in the low 30's and prolonged frost delays.  If junior golfers are not prepared for these conditions it can make for a truly miserable round of golf for juniors and their caddies. Winter golf clothes are an invaluable investment. 

First of all, light-weight layers are your friend.  The winter golf clothes your junior golfer wears must necessarily stretch and flow with his/her swing. Compression base layers fit comfortably under regular golf pants and don't restrict movement and can be found for young juniors too.  A fitted performance-based undershirt worn under a regular golf shirt traps warmth and wicks moisture. Find one that fits a young junior snugly but without restricting movement. They look stylish too which is always a plus for junior golfers. Some junior golfers, prefer not to wear compression base layer leggings and opt instead for regular golf pants specifically engineered for cold weather play.  A pullover or zippered golf top or vest layered over this will retain warmth and unrestricted movement.  Nowadays, young juniors enjoy all the benefits of big golf name brand style like this Nike Kids Thermal Zip Top.


A windbreaker like the one above is essential to keep in a golf bag year round to protect against the elements.

Lightweight flexibility is important for a junior golfer and a warm layer is paramount in winter golf conditions. Athletic thermal base layer compression underwear can make a big difference to a junior golfer's comfort and temperament in harsh weather. It is also not necessary, nor recommended to spend a fortune on it either as juniors will grow out of it from season to season.  Lanbaosi Compression shirts and pants are suitable and affordable winter golf attire for both boy and girl junior golfers.

winter wear for junior golfers

A good pair of golf socks makes a huge difference on the golf course regardless of the weather.  Your junior golfer does not want to be traipsing 5+ miles over hard, frozen fairways in tennis socks.  Find winter golf socks that are cushioned, warm and wick moisture. Wool is the fabric of choice for winter golf socks as it is a great insulator and absorbs much more moisture than cotton before it starts feeling wet, and consequently cold.

winter golf socks

Winter golf shoes for winter golf should be insulated and water-proof.  See our article on Junior Golf Shoes for more inspiration and information.

the junior golfer

The biggest problem for junior golfers playing winter golf is keeping their hands warm.  Swinging at a ball and having that icy shock vibrate all the way up your arm as you try and warm up on the practice range does not provide good muscle memory for a smooth and easy swing off the first tee.  Numb fingers are no fun and young junior golfers will shed more tears over icy fingers than anything else playing winter golf.  Golf gloves are by design and necessity not thick and insulated.  They are also only worn on one hand.  Some kids keep a right hand glove in their bag for warm up in cold weather.  You can, and should, get a pair of 'winter' golf gloves but even if you utilize a small woman's winter golf glove it is difficult to find good winter golf gloves for very young junior golfers.  The most helpful thing we have found is to utilize winter golf mitts with hand warmers inside them for use between shots and pushing the golf cart or carrying the golf bag between holes.  Clicgear has now also developed Clicgear Mitts - waterproof, windproof mittens for golf push or pull cars.

See our article on Junior Golf Gloves for a more comprehensive look at golf glove fitting as well as golf gloves for juniors, winter golf gloves and rain golf gloves. One of the most popular winter golf gloves on the market at the moment is the FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove.

winter golf for junior golfers, winter golf gloves

Winter golf hats, or at least a warm winter hat, is essential for spending hours walking around a golf course in cold weather.  Junior golfers will often disregard their regular golf hat for a woolen one in winter golf, but it is not unusual these days to see a knitted hat worn over the regular golf hat, possibly to keep sun out of the eyes and because it is helpful to have the golf ball marker secure on the hat as a matter of habit.  Of course a double layer may not be comfortable and may just become too warm for many juniors.  Golf sunglasses like these Oakley Flak Jackets mitigate winter glare.

the junior golfer

For extreme winter conditions an excellent winter golf hat alternative is the Vital Salveo Winter Earflap Cap. It is water-proof, wind-proof and extremely warm. 

winter golf hat for juniors

Winter golf for juniors is a time to work on changes or through difficulties in preparation for the season.  Even if they are not playing tournaments, chances are you will take them out for some social practice rounds.  You will probably take a golf cart (do you really want to walk in these conditions?) and you'll be surprised to know just how warm and comforting a golf cart can be with just a few winter golf gear modifications such as a cart blanket on the seat, a golf cart cover and a golf cart heater that fits in the cupholder.  Your junior is much more likely to want to go out and practice like this.  

the junior golfer

Winter golf brings its own challenges but who doesn't like a challenge!  This is why we play the game after all.

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