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USKids Vs Flynn Golf

Club Review Overview

USKids and VT Max golf clubs are among the best golf clubs for kids. The USKids Tour Series and the VT Max Velocity are both suitable for advanced or tournament players and thus are comparable and serve the same junior golf market. These clubs are also suitable for both boys and girls. In this article we take an unbiased look at the USKids vs VT Max (Flynn golf) irons.

USKids Vs Flynn Golf

For the purpose of our review of the USKids Vs VT Max Velocity we used an 8 iron for launch monitor comparison. Both the USKids and VT Max Velocity clubs used for testing are their 60" player height irons. USKids clubs are designed for kids from 39" to 63" tall (the Tour Series line is for kids 51" to 63" tall). Flynn Golf makes clubs for kids that are 48" to 66" inch. 

Flynn golf launched the new VT Max Alto club series in summer 2019. Read more about them here.

TS3 Vs VT Max

USKids Tour Series 3 Vs Flynn Golf VT Max Velocity Junior Clubs

The USKids irons tested are the Tour Series 3 - Size 60 (V5). The VT Max irons are the same size Velocity model. The clubs are similar sizes and are for junior golfers of the same age/size and level of experience. Both clubs have steel shafts that are comparable flex.

Note that USKids clubs size 57"-63" can be ordered with either graphite or steel shafts while 54" and shorter are only available with graphite shafts - which is designed that way since kids 54" and shorter generally have slower swing speeds. Flynn Golf provides a wider option of shaft choices for their clubs.

For information on all the other junior golf clubs available in the market see the article "Best Kids Golf Clubs". Also addressed in other articles are detailed club fitting guidelines, advice on golf irons for older juniors (e.g. kids over 11+ years old and teens) and the best golf drivers for kids. Read more here for an in-depth review of the USKids Tour Series 3 clubs.

First Impressions

The first impression of the irons is that both the VT Max and USKids irons are both made from high quality materials and are well designed and manufactured. Both are made from 431 stainless steel.

The size and weight of both the USKids TS3 and the VT Max Velocity is very similar. The VT Max irons look and feel slightly larger and slightly heavier than the USKids irons. The actual statistics (length, weight etc.) for each club are very similar (see comparison in the table below) however, a combination of head size, club weighting, offset face and depth of cavity back give the VT Max Velocity the overall appearance of being slightly larger/heavier and possibly a little more of a game improvement (forgiving) iron shape.

TS3 Vs VT Max

USKids TS3 Vs VT Max Velocity Junior Golf Clubs

Size and Specs

The specifications of the USKids and VT Max 8 irons are as follows (note that these specs are for a club that is designed for kids approx. 60 inches tall so clubs for younger kids will be shorter and weigh less):


USKids 8 Iron

VT Max 8 Iron

Total Club Weight

385 grams

385 grams

Club Length




39 degrees

40 degrees

Club Balance/Swing Weight (1)

8" from head

7.5" from head

(1) Club balance represents the balance point measured from the end of the club head. The slightly shorter distance of the VT Max means that it is slight more "head heavy" than the USKids iron. Said another way, the VT Max 8 iron head is slightly heavier than the USKids 8 iron but the USKids 8 iron shaft & grip are slightly heavier than the VT Max 8 iron.

Cavity Back Design and Appearance

Tour Series Vs VT Max
TS3 vs vt max velocity

The VT Max iron has a deeper cavity back and slightly more rounded bottom line. As you can see in the photos below, the USKids design is slightly different in that it pushes some weighting out to the heel and toe of the club while the VT Max perimeter weighting is relatively consistent across sole of the club. The USKids has more weighting lower on the sole and a thinner top line while the VT Max cavity back extends a little more to the top of the face.

Club Sole Appearance

USKids vs VT Max
USKids Vs VT max

The USKids sole is 1 inch wide at the toe (widest point) compared to the VT Max that is 1 and 1/8th inch wide. The USKids has a little more of a players club look than the slightly wider and heavier VT Max. A wider sole (as in the VT Max) usually means it is easier to get the ball in the air.

Top Line Appearance

USKids Vs VT max
USKids Vs VT max

Looking at the top line of the clubs it is clear that the USKids TS3 irons have a thinner design that is more of a players club look than the VT Max that has a larger/wider design. 

Side Profile

USKids Vs VT max
USKids Vs VT max

The side profile of the clubs is very similar although once again the VT Max is slightly wider and larger than the USKids. 

Launch Monitor Performance Testing Results

The irons were tested by measuring performance based on the average of well struck shots on a launch monitor. The top ten representative well struck shots were counted in the averages of each club

USKids Vs VT Max Clubs

Overall the performance for each club is very similar. The VT Max smash factor was higher than the USKids, likely as a result of the slightly heavier head with a larger cavity back. The launch angle of the USKids iron was slightly higher than the VT Max but the average spin and total carry distance of both the USKids and the VT Max is almost identical. 

Junior Tester Feedback

We had a couple of juniors of different levels test the irons out to provide feedback on the look, feel and performance of both of the clubs. One junior preferred the look and feel of the USKids iron while the other junior found the VT Max easier to hit and got more distance from the VT Max compared to the USKids iron. Both remarked that there was not a huge difference overall and both performed very well.


For purpose of this article we only compared the pricing of the USKids Tour Series and the Flynn Golf VT Max Velocity irons. We did not compare the price of the USKids Ultra Light clubs to the VT Max. The Ultralight are a great option for beginner to intermediate juniors and are less expensive than the Tour Series.

On average the USKids sets are 20%-25% more expensive than the VT Max sets. However, with USKids you can get a 6th Club Free (iron, wedge or putter) with any order of 5 or more clubs. So this essentially makes the USKids Tour Series and VT Max Velocity iron sets the same price. From a resale point of view we generally see more USKids on eBay than the VT Max.

The USKids TS3 and VT Max Velocity both have an 8 clubs set which are very comparable. Both sets include 5-9 irons, Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge. The USKids retail price is $340 and the VT Max is $270. Coincidentally, the difference of $70 is the same price of USKids AIM putter which you could get for free with their 6th Club Free program. 

Where to buy:

Flynn Golf Clubs are available directly at the Flynn Golf website.

USKids clubs can be purchased at the following places:

The Ordering Process

Flynn Golf provides an excellent service and level of customization including colors (shafts and grips), shaft types/material, grips etc. This is great for junior golfers that want to customize colors and that want specific shafts, grips or adjusted lengths. The downside is that the number of options can be intimidating to someone relatively new to junior golf. The USKids golf club set are very easy to order since there is no customization options. Both websites have a decent interface and checkout.

In additional to customized clubs, Flynn Golf has the option of "EZ Order Sets" - and even those are highly customizable (i.e. choice of colors, shaft lengths, grips etc.). Our experience with ordering from Flynn Golf is that Mike Flynn is very responsive and will contact buyers to confirm their order if the choices appear unusual - e.g. if your choice of shaft does not match up with your junior's size or swing speed, he will likely recommend a change. 

USKids clubs are not customizable. They are specifically designed for kids in a predetermined range depending on their size and swing speed. Learn more at the USKids fitting page.

USKids has a "6th club free" and a "trade up" program. The 6th club free program allows to get a free iron or putter when you buy 5 clubs. The trade up program allows you to trade in your old junior clubs for credit towards new sets (they even pay for shipping the old clubs back). 


Both the USKids Tour Series and VT Max Velocity irons are an excellent choice of golf clubs for kids. They perform similarly and are both well constructed from quality materials. 

The decision between USKids and Flynn Golf may well hinge on whether you are looking for an "off the shelf" set based on your junior's size and swing speed (then go with USKids) - or if you are looking to customize shafts, colors, grips etc. (then go with VT Max).

If your junior is on the younger side (e.g. less than 10 years old) and is a beginner to golf, the USKids Ultra Light clubs might be a good option as these are designed for entry level but are still excellent clubs. They are lighter and are designed to be easier to get the ball in the air. The Ultra Light are also cheaper than both the Tour Series and VT Max. Also, if your junior is less than 48" tall then you will need to go with USKids Ultra Light clubs as the USKids Tour Series only start at 51" and Flynn Golf clubs only start at 48" (although the Flynn Golf could probably be customized to be smaller).

While the USKids clubs are definitely easier to order (there are not as many options), if you know exactly what you want then look at the Flynn Golf VT Max clubs as they offer more customization.

In general, USKids clubs appear to be more popular at the large regional, national and international events, although in the last couple of years there are definitely more Flynn Golf clubs in use at these events. 

Overall you really cannot go wrong with either the USKids or Flynn Golf products and their irons are far superior to most of the big name OEM manufacturer's kids clubs. 

For more information on all the other junior golf clubs available in the market see the article "Kids Golf Clubs for Ages 4 – 13 Years Old".

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