US Kids Golf TS3 (Tour Series 3) Review

USKids tour series 3 TS3 2018 irons club set

The US Kids Golf tagline for the Tour Series 3 is More Distance, More Forgiving, More Fun. They have achieved this with a substantive redesign of their clubs with the help of extensive Trackman Technology testing and feedback to optimize launch, distance, spin, and consistency.

US Kids Tour Series 3 / TS3 Overview

This U.S.Kids TS3 review provides technical information on the TS3 clubs as well as performance results. The clubs include redesigned and improved TS3 wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods and drivers. As with past US Kids golf club sets, these are available in five unique sizes for player heights 51" through 63". The Tour Series are kids golf clubs for intermediate to advanced junior golfers.

The 10 set package (Driver, 3W, 4 Hybrid, 5-9 irons, PW & SW) is on sale at Worldwide Golf Shops for $529.

US Kids Golf TS3

The US Kids Golf tagline for these clubs is MORE DISTANCE. MORE FORGIVING. MORE FUN. In this review of the new USKids TS3 irons we will provide club details, objective feedback on club performance Vs. the prior US Kids Golf junior clubs and also feedback from juniors trying these out on the course.

The facts and figures provided by US Kids Golf and referenced in this review are based on independent robotic testing done by Golf Laboratories Inc., an independent equipment testing company.

US Kids Golf utilized extensive Trackman Technology to test and provide input on these new junior golf clubs in order to optimize launch, distance, spin, and consistency and provide junior golfers with the best opportunity to play to the best of their ability.

The US Kids TS3 are available as a set of kids golf clubs or as individual kids golf clubs. The sets are sold in the following configurations: (i) 8 clubs set (5 iron through SW), (ii) 10 club set (Driver through SW), (iii)  7 club set with a stand bag (Driver, 3W, Hybrid, 6i, 8i, PW, SW).

All sets and individual clubs are available in left hand or right hand options. As parents of left handed junior golfers know it is unusual to find such a wide selection of quality left hand junior golf clubs. 

US Kids Golf TS3

The irons are available with either steel shafts or graphite shafts. The steel shafts are suited to junior golfers with slightly higher swing speeds who looking for more feel and control. The graphite shafts are slightly lighter with a softer more flexible feel.

All shafts are junior flex and are frequency matched for the clubs. A low flex point on the shafts promotes a high launch, important for lower swing speeds like most juniors have. The sets are available either in an all graphite shaft option or a combo of steel (for the irons) and graphite (for the hybrid, 3W and Driver). 

US Kids Golf

Note that US Kids also produce the Ultralight (UL) junior irons, hybrids and fairway woods for kids that are beginner to intermediate junior golfers. The UL are a lighter weight and are specifically designed as game improvement clubs for younger junior players. 

How are the US Kids TS3 different to the US Kids TS2?

TS3 Irons:

  • Total head weight of the irons are the same as last year's TS2 models and are scaled progressively with the 51 inch (smallest set) built to 15% lighter than adult weights (hence the V15 designation), 54 and 57 inch are 10% lighter (V10) and the 60's and 63's are only 5% less than adult head weights (V5).
  • Heads have been redesigned to facilitate moving weight and thus being able to achieve a 10% Thicker/Wide Sole Design resulting in higher launch and steeper landing angle (i.e. the angle that the ball falls to the ground). Steeper landing angles help in holding greens by stopping run-out and help in getting more consistent distance control. 
  • The irons also have 20% thinner face which results in higher ball speed and therefore increased distance. No need to explain why this is desirable. The combined higher ball speeds with a steeper landing angle mean hitting lower irons into greens and getting the ball to stop quickly.
  • Look and feel: the clubs look great, the thicker and wider sole provides good set up and confidence. The irons feel solid and our juniors testing them were impressed with their solid feel and high ball flight. In general we saw an improvement in shots Vs. the TS 2 model. The steel shaft option was popular with our 11 year old tester.
US Kids Golf TS3

TS3 Wedges:

US Kids Golf has improved their wedge grind system to provide optimized performance into and around the green. Spin rates have increased slightly compared to the TS2 wedges and independent robotic testing shows a roll out of 5.4 yards compared to 6.2 yards (stops almost 1 yard faster).

  • Gap Wedge: 52° ★ Grind. This wedge has a full size sole to facilitate full shots into the green from the fairway or rough.
  • Sand Wedge: 56° ★★ Grind. The grind on the SW has a railing edge and heelside relief to facilitate a combination of shot-making and forgiveness
  • Lob wedge: 60° ★★★ Grind. The grind on this wedge's trailing edge, heelside, and toe relief is designed for ultimate versatility.

Note that some of the club sets come with a gap wedge and a sand wedge but some only have a sand wedge. Wedges can also be purchased individually so with the US Kids Golf "6th club free" program you can add a lob wedge, sand wedge or gap wedge to your junior's set. For competitive players it is highly recommended to have at least a gap wedge and sand wedge. A lob wedge is a nice addition for slightly older or experienced juniors. After all, the short game is really fun for kids and is extremely important to master for a junior competitive golfer. 

Overall the US Kids Golf TS3 wedges perform very nicely we definitely noticed an improvement in the feel and stopping distance compared to the prior TS2 series.

US Kids Golf Wedges

US Kids Golf TS3 Driver:

Like all the big golf equipment manufacturers, US Kids Golf has worked on getting more out their drivers in terms of launch angle, spin, ball speed and thus overall distance. They have managed to improve on what was already one of the top junior golf drivers on the market. Compared to the TS2, the USKids TS3 drivers have been improved by:

  • Moving the CoG back thus facilitating and higher launch angle, optimal spin and thus more distance
  • The driver has a 6% thinner face, resulting in higher ball speed
  • A 12% thinner crown help provide a higher launch angle, great for juniors.
  • The drivers are fitted with a lighter shaft which helps generate faster swing speeds.
US Kids Golf Driver

U.S.Kids TS3 Driver 2018

US Kids Golf TS3 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

TS3 hybrids are available in a 3 (21 degree loft) and a 4 (24 degree) hybrid. The 3 wood has a 17 degree loft. The TS3 hybrids and fairway metal have been improved through some of the same types of changes as the driver:

  • Revised shaping and a repositioned COG resulting in increased forgiveness on off center hits, higher launch and longer distance..
  • A thinner face resulting in higher ball speeds.
  • A thinner crown resulting in higher launch angles.

US Kids Golf TS3 A.I.M. Putters

US Kids Golf have introduced 3 uniquely designed putters to help make sure that juniors are fit properly and thus make more putts. The different designs are to fit a junior's natural aiming tendency. All putters have CNC milled faces that provide a clean look and will hold up to plenty of practice as well as a few unintended bumps!

  • A.I.M. 1 = Offset hosel for players that tend to aim/miss right
  • A.I.M. 2 = Non-Offset hosel for players that don't have a consistent aim/miss
  • A.I.M. 3 = Onset hosel for players that tend to aim/miss left

(Note - if your junior is left handed, A.I.M. 1 and 3 will switch)

US Kids Golf Putter

USKids 2018 A.I.M. Putters

Pricing and How to Order

Prices range from $45 for a single US Kids TS3 iron to $199 for the US Kids Golf TS3 driver and up to $569 for a full set of 10 clubs with all graphite shafts and a bag.  The eight club iron/wedge set with steel shafts sells for $339, a great value for quality clubs. Overall these are very competitively priced and cost less than half that of new adult clubs. 

The US Kids Golf 10 set package (Driver, 3W, 4 Hybrid, 5-9 irons, PW & SW) is on sale at Worldwide Golf Shops (Edwin Watts and Roger Dunn Shops) for $529.

Refer to the US Kids Golf fitting chart below and click on it to go to the US Kids Golf fitting page in order to determine the right size junior golf clubs for your junior golfer. Before moving your junior from the US Kids Ultra Light golf clubs to the US Kids Tour Series clubs, look at the fitting guide chart on swing speeds as this is a good indicator of when a junior is ready to move to the Tour Series.

US Kids Golf fitting chart


If you have a junior golfer that is an intermediate to advanced player, is in the height and swing speed range on the US Kids Golf fitting chart and especially if they are playing, or considering playing, in junior golf tournaments, you should seriously consider the US Kids Golf TS3 clubs. They are very competitively priced and certainly the best quality you can buy in the price range.

US Kids Golf TS3

Let us know if this review was helpful and what other types of junior equipment reviews or informational posts you would like to see!

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