Tournament Play Pointers

Top Junior Golf Tournaments You Need To Know About
IntroductionFellow golfers are probably aware of the pressure of competing in golf tournaments whether its a Sunday afternoon club tournament[...]
Kids Golf Lessons Near Me
This article provides resources to help you find the best kids golf lessons near you. It also provides guidance on[...]
Golf Rules Quiz & Rules Summary
The 2019 Golf Rule Changes...So why did the USGA and R&A (golf world golf governing bodies) decide that a change[...]
Serenity Now: The Emotional Struggles of Parent Caddies
 I was Mom on the Bag for my younger son, Rob, for four years on a regular basis. Being a[...]
Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Scramble and Match Play for Non-Golfer Parents
I attended a High School golf tournament recently. The teams were playing a Ryder Cup format which is a combination[...]
“No Caddie” Tournaments: A Player’s Perspective on the Transition
Advanced junior tournament players transition out of US Kids tournaments around 12 years olf and enter the world of "no[...]
Playing Your First AJGA tournament: Information, Advice and Observations
An interview with Connor Macmillan (@cbeargolf24) after playing his first AJGA Tournament: TaylorMade / adidas Golf Boys Junior All-Star at[...]
Pace of Play, Over-Coaching, Doubt and What to do About It All
IntroductionOne of the biggest drawbacks in participating in junior golf tournaments is that a round can often take a very[...]
Transitioning to No-Caddy Tournaments : A Parent’s Perspective
As junior golfers get older and move away from the US Kids Tour they are no longer allowed to have[...]
Being a Good Parent Caddy
The US Kids golf tour requires caddies for players below the age of 8 and, although not required for older[...]
Junior Golf Tournament Stroke Saving Tips
These simple tournament stroke saving tips will help the junior golfer from losing easy strokes due to unnecessary penalties or[...]
Junior Golf Tournament Nutrition
Junior golf tournament nutrition is critical to kids being able to stay mentally sharp during a golf round and physically[...]
Golf Tournament Warm Up
A good warm up before a junior golf tournament is essential for a junior golfer.  In our experience, the best[...]
Golf Etiquette for Juniors
 A thorough understanding and practice of golf etiquette will serve the junior golfer in ways you can't begin to imagine[...]

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