Top Junior Golf Tournaments You Need To Know About

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Fellow golfers are probably aware of the pressure of competing in a golf tournament whether its a Sunday afternoon club tournament or World Junior Golf Championship. Watching your player compete can be a nail-biting process, however, as a parent, it is essential to adopt a supportive attitude so that your junior does not pick up unnecessary stress from the side-lines if you are watching or from the bag if you are caddying. The more junior golf tournaments your child competes in, the better he/she will get at the game and the more they will enjoy competing in junior golf tournaments.

Junior Golf Tournaments

While there are many junior golf tournaments available to your child, look for age and skill appropriate competitions for your junior golfer. Also look closely at the different tour policies and guidelines as well as archived scores.  You don't want to place your junior golfer in over his/her head where the competitors are playing at a significantly higher level, or in a tournament where they do not have any real competition.  That is no fun for anyone. As juniors get older and start getting a junior golf national ranking on "National Junior Golf Scoreboard",  the "strength of the field" becomes even more important. It is possible to win a tournament and actually move down in the rankings (i.e. get worse) if the strength of field is not good or the course is very short for the junior's age.

Junior Golf National Ranking

Rankings are computed based on particular formulas taking into account 3 criteria:  Individual scoring (75% of the player's lowest round scoring differentials ie. score - course rating); strength of field (ie. how strong were his/her fellow competitors); and strength of finish.  Most emphasis is given to the individual scoring criteria.  Junior Golf Rankings by State can also be found on the Junior Golf Scoreboard site.

To be eligible to be ranked in The Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings a player must meet the following criteria.

  • Have competed in four multi-day stroke play tournaments or multi-round match play qualifiers , with a total of 8 completed 18 hole rounds, within the last 365 days for which the Junior Golf Scoreboard has received the results and they are listed by the same name and hometown of the player.
  • Have their high school graduation year in their tournament record and still be in high school prior to August 1st after graduation.
  • Have competed in an age group that: is greater than 10 years old; scheduled for at least 36 holes in competition according to the USG rules on a USGA rated course; has a minimum of 5 competitors; plays a minimum 4500 yards; with no stroke limit rule in place.  

Here's a guide to some of the top junior golf tournaments and junior golf tours you should know about.  Their current tournament schedules are listed too.

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International and National Tournaments & Tours 

U.S. Kids Golf (5-14 years old)

U.S.Kids Junior Golf Local Tours

U.S. Kids Golf is the largest, most competitive and well run junior tour in most parts of the USA. Their tournaments include Local Tours, Regional Tournaments, State Tournaments, Junior World Championship at Pinehurst, Teen World Champs and even Internationals junior golf tournaments in many locations including Europe, South Africa, Canada and Mexico. Some States such as Atlanta, Florida and Texas have Local Tours that operate almost year round (split into Spring, Summer and Fall Tours).

Their Local Tours are the perfect way to introduce tournament golf to your child with course lengths and individual age groups designed to make it fun to play and meet new friends. The Regional Championships are Multi-day invitational events that are typically held at premier destinations making them a great family destination and vacation! These events are typically scheduled around holidays and 3-day weekends.

The results of the 2017 US Kids World Championship can be found here.

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (8-18 Years Old)

HJGT Hurricane Junior Golf Tour Tiger Woods Justin Timberlake

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT)  is the largest junior golf tour in the United States hosting more 2-day nationally ranked events than any other tour. In 2017 over 250 tournaments were held in 32 States. There are 4 boys age groups and 2 girls age groups at the appropriate ages to suite most juniors looking for a competitive tournament experience. HJGT recently announced new division ambassadors – Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake, Justin Rose, Will Smith and Ernie Els – each representing a different division within the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour as it furthers its mission to grow the game of golf amongst juniors.

The 2018 Hurricane Junior Golf Tour schedule can be found here.

Drive Chip Putt (7-15 Years Old)

PGA kids junior golf drive chip putt DCP

The Drive, Chip and Putt Competition is a very popular annual event hosted by the PGA.  The overall winners play a competition in Augusta during Masters week.  Qualifying competitions are hosted throughout the country.

The 2019 qualifying schedule can be found here.

IMG Junior World Championships (6-18 Years Old)

img junior golf world championships

Founded in 1968, the IMG Junior World Championships attracts 1200 participants from 56 countries and 42 states. Qualifying tournaments are held around the country.  This is also known as the Junior World Golf Championship San Diego.  

2017 San Diego Junior World Golf Championship results are here.

2018 qualifying sites for 14-under divisions can be found here.

2018 qualifying sites for 15-18 divisions can be found here. 

Optimist Junior Golf and Optimist International Junior Golf Championship (10-18 Years Old)

Optimist Junior Golf tournaments

The Optimist Junior Golf Program is an exciting and unique junior golf program for ages 10-18.  It hosts one of the largest and well-renowned junior golf tournaments in the world. In order to play in the Championships, golfers must qualify.  Qualifying tournaments are held all around the world and the USA. It also hosts a number of regional and national events that are well run and well attended with a high level of play.  

Past winners of the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships can be found here.

Past winners of the Optimist Tournament of Champions can be found here.

The 2018 schedule for Optimist Junior Golf Tour events can be found here.​​

The 2018 schedule for State and District Optimist Junior Golf Championship qualifiers can be found here.

Press Thornton Future Masters (10-18 Years Old)

Press Thornton Future Masters Junior Golf Tournaments

The Press Thornton Future Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most traditionally rich junior tournaments in the world. It has an impressive list of golfing greats who have competed in the tournament including past U.S. Open champions, Masters winners, PGA champions, British Open winner and many current PGA Tour Professionals. It is not only a proving ground for golf's junior stars, but more importantly it is about the spirit of competition, friendships and sportsmanship on the course. It has been going for 68 years and it held annually in Dothan AL. Entrance is through an application process.  Applications can be submitted January through April.  The field is announced May 1 of each year.  

Results of Future Masters tournaments in previous years can be found here.

State PGA Junior TourDrive, Chip and Putt competition

AJGA - American Junior Golf Association (12-19 Years Olds)

AJGA Junior Golf Tournaments

AJGA is the premier golf tour for older juniors (mostly high school golfers) who aspire to play top level golf. All junior golfers in the USA who want to play high level college golf (e.g. D1 - DIII) need to try and play AJGA. AJGA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf. It should be noted that there are many facets of this tour and the tournaments themselves are not easy to qualify for. Applications and entry to tournaments are based on a performance points system. 

The schedule of events for the tournament is available on AJGA's official website. If your child is eligible for the tournament, he/she will receive an email. As the parent, it is important you read all the instructions and follow them carefully.

The email will also contain links to useful resources along with a key reference guide. We also advise that you read the key guide carefully to learn more information about AJGA's procedures and policies.

Future Collegians World Tour (9-19 Years Old)


FCWT, or Future Collegians World Tour, is a junior golf tour for golfers ages 9-19 the opportunity to showcase their talents. Tournaments are played in a number of weather-friendly states like Florida, California, Arizona, especially in the colder months. Tournaments are also played in New England, the Pacific Northwest, and the Midwest.

The schedule for the FCWT through May 2018 can be found here.

International Junior Golf Tour (9-19 Years Old)

The International Junior Golf Academy (IJTA) organizes a series of prestigious golf tournaments around the world. Junior Golfers are made to face high-level competition and are pushed to showcase their talent.  The IJGT has also partnered with Nick Faldo to bring the Faldo Series to the US. The Faldo series hosts 35 tournaments annually in 30 countries worldwide.

IJGT events take place on the leading golf courses around the world such as Pinehurst, HarbourTown Golf Links, Bethpage State Park and famous golf courses around the world. IJTA hosts about 60 events along with three international events. 

The schedule for the IJGT including Faldo series through May 2018 can be found here.

Callaway Junior World Golf Championship / Future Champions Golf (5-18 years old)

FCG Future Champions Junior Golf Tour 1

The Future Champions Golf organizes  a series of tournaments primarily in Southern California for beginners through advanced nationally ranked players.The FCG World Series Events has garnered significant attention from junior golfers all around the world.  World Series events are open to all junior golfers worldwide and are highlighted by THE BIG 3 that consist of the FCG National Championship formerly known as the San Diego Junior Amateur (Winter Break / 550 Players), the FCG International Junior Championship (July, 630 Players from 32 Countries), and the growing FCG World Championship.

The Future Champions Golf schedule can be found here.

Doral-Publix Golf Classic (13u-18 Years Old)

doral publix junior golf tournament

The Doral-Publix Junior Golf Classic is a premier tournament for junior golf.  Around 700 players from all over the world compete every year in December.  Contestants not only have to be great golfers but must demonstrate excellence in the classroom too.  Entry is by application.  The tournament is one of the largest for college recruiting and it benefits The First Tee of Miami.

Regional Tours

Golfweek Junior Golf Tour (12-18 Years Old)

The Golfweek Junior Tour organizes competitive tournaments for junior golfers. These tournaments take place primarily in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. The organization's goal is to provide junior golfers national exposure and high visibility through media outlets in Golfweek.  The current Golf Week Junior Golf tour schedule through May 2018 can be found here.

South Eastern Junior Golf Tour (12-18 Years Old)


The Southeastern Junior Golf Tour was founded on the principle of giving junior golfers a chance to play competitive golf, while building their resume for a potential collegiate golf career.  It is open to players 12-19.  SJGT events can now be found in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.  

The SJGT 2018 schedule of tournaments can be found here.

United States Junior Golf Tour (8-18 Years Old)

us junior golf tour

USJGT offers competitive golf events for juniors ages 8-18 at affordable prices. Tournaments are held for the most part in TN and MS.  For each qualifying event, the top five Boys High School and top three Girls High School players will be awarded AJGA stars.

The 2018 USJGT schedule of tournaments can be found here.

Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour (6-19 Years Old)

rocky mountain junior golf tour

The Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour features tournaments for competitive players ages 6-19 years old across Arizona, Washington State, New Mexico and Colorado.  Most of the tournaments award AJGA Performance Based Entry and are Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked.

The 2018 RMJGT schedule can be found here.

State Tours

Most States

PGA Junior Tours (11-18 Years Old)

PGA Junior CT tour

Most States in the USA have a State PGA Junior Tour that caters to competitive  junior players 11 years old and up.  

PGA Junior League (6-13 Years Old)

JR_League Golf Tour

Not to be confused with the State PGA Junior Tours, the PGA Jr. League's stated objective is to "bring family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals". Teams are run by clubs that chose to participate. The objective is for kids new to golf to get to experience team golf in a fun environment. Play on teams with friends, wear numbered jerseys and compete in a two-person scramble format.  The PGA Jr. League is open to both boys and girls, 13 and under, of all abilities.

The PGA Jr. league also has sectional, regional and a national championship for "All Star" teams that make it through.  PGA Junior League sign ups begin in February so ask in your local pro shop about the possibility of joining one in your neighborhood.


Junior Tour of Northern California (10 to 18 Years Old)

junior golf tour north california

The Junior Tour of Northern California is open to competitive juniors age 10 to 18.  AJGA performance stars are awarded to the winners of all Boys and Girls Championship flights.

The 2018 Junior Tour of Northern California tournament schedule can be found here.


Florida Junior Tour (13-18 Years Old)

florida state junior golf

The Florida  Junior Tour holds more high-quality, affordable competitions throughout Florida for boys and girls aged 13-18 years old. All of the FJT tournaments are nationally ranked and the winners from each tournament earn exemptions into the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA).

The 2018 Florida Junior Tour schedule of tournaments can be found here.

Premier Junior Golf Tour (9-19 Years Old)

premier junior golf tour

Premier Junior Golf Tour (PJGT) is based in Florida and organizes competitive junior golf tournaments for young boys and girls ranging from the ages of 9 to 19. Competitors of all age divisions have the option of having a caddie.

The 2018 schedule for the Premier Junior Golf Tour tournaments can be found here.


Georgia Junior Golf (7-18 Years Old)

ga junior golf,

Georgia Junior Golf tour players have access to several tournaments throughout the year, including spring tournaments, summer series tournaments, fall series tournaments, MAADA tour series tournaments, parent & junior series tournaments, and a skills challenge series.

Each tournament offers competition for many different divisions, giving junior golfers of all ages and skill levels the chance to test their abilities in a safe and positive environment. The schedule for the 2018 season of Georgia Junior Golf can be found here

Georgia State Parks Junior Golf Tour (7-18 Year Olds)

ga state parks golf tour

This is a developmental golf tour to expose junior golfers to competitive tournament play in a fun and beautiful environment at different State Parks around Georgia.  AJGA performance based entry points are awarded in boys and girls 14-18 year divisions.  Caddies are allowed for golfers 7-13 years old.

The 2018 schedule for the GA State Parks Junior tour can be found here.


Callaway and Meijer Junior Golf Tour (7-19 Years Old)

michigan junior golf tour

The Callaway and Meijer Junior Golf Tour operates in Michigan and offer large, competitive fields for boys and girls age 7 through 19.  Multi-day tournaments are Junior Scoreboard ranked and most offer AJGA Performance Based entry.  The Callaway Junior Tour (CJT) is for ages 15-19 who are accomplished players with previous tournament experience.  Players over 15 years old can play the CJT or the Meijer Junior Players Tour (MJPT).

The 2018 schedule for the Callaway and Meijer Junior Golf Tour can be found here.


Nebraska Junior Golf Tour (7-18 Years Old)

nebraska junior golf tour

Two day events hosted by the Nebraska Junior Golf Tour are ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard.

The 2018 schedule for the Nebraska Junior Golf Tour can be found here.

North Carolina

Tarheel Junior Golf Tour (11-18 Years Old)

tarheel junior golf tour​​​The Tarheel Junior Golf Tour has the reputation of providing the most competitive junior golf tour in North Carolina.  Players compete for individual tournament championships as well as for the season long Money and Scoring Leader competitions.  All 36 hole events are nationally ranked and most meet AJGA requirements.

The 2018 schedule of tournaments for the Tarheel Junior Golf Tour can be found here.


COGA Junior Tour of Ohio (13-19 Year Olds)

The COGA Golf Tour runs a schedule of 36 hole events in Ohio for players age 13-19 years old.  The tournaments are ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard, Global Jr Rankings and event winners get exemptions into the Hudson Junior Invitational as well as AJGA performance stars.  

The 2018 schedule for the COGA Tour can be found here.

South Carolina

South Carolina Junior Golf Association Tour (13-18 Years Old)

south carolina junior golf tour

The South Carolina Junior Golf Association Tour (SCJGA) offers different levels of playing opportunity.  They have a One Day Series aimed at the junior golfer new to tournament play and a 12 Major Championship played over the whole year for the highly competitive advanced junior golfer. 

The 2018 schedule for the SCJGA can be found here.


Beltway Junior Golf Tour (6-18 Years Old)

beltway junior golf tour, texas junior golf

The Beltway Junior Golf Tour is the only junior golf tour that has skill based divisions as opposed to age based divisions.  It can be played all over Texas for all skill levels.  

The 2018 Beltway Junior Golf Tour schedule can be found here.

Texas Junior Golf Tour (11-18 Years Old)

texas junor golf tour

The Texas Junior Golf Tour (TJGT) offers over 70 tournaments per year, all of which offer AJGA Performance Based Entry as well as Golf Week ranking, Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking and top-level amateur exemption at selected tournaments.  Participants come from all over the country as well as internationally to play this tour. 

The 2018 schedule for TJGT tournaments can be found here.

Legends Junior Golf Tour (12-18 Years Old)

legends golf tour texas

The Legends Junior Tour (LGT) is part of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance - a joint venture between the Texas Golf Association, Northern and Southern Texas PGA and Houston Golf Association.  Legends Junior Tour events give the opportunity to earn AJGA performance.

The 2018 schedule for the Legends Junior Tour can be found here.

A Last Thought

It is important to make sure your child is tournament-ready before signing them up.  Many local golf academies hold club tournaments and many States and cities have local golf tournaments.  These are good options for a junior starting out in tournament play.  Building confidence and learning the ropes in small, local tournaments sets the junior up for an easier transition to bigger junior tours and tournaments on a regional, national and international stage.

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