The Al-B-Fore! Tour Interview

Al B Fore Tour
Al B Fore Tour

With a beautiful mind, brimming with scores and statistics, Al Bourgeois, loves golf and has his own Tour.

The tour players on the Al-B-Fore! Tour are talented College and Amateur players, many from the Southeast or who have played Am and qualifying tournaments in and around the greater Atlanta area. These Al-B-Fore! Tour members have the benefit of Al’s stat keeping and highlight reel videos.

Not only are the Al-B-Fore! Tour players some of the nation’s leading up and coming golfers, they are also special individuals able to connect well with others in friendship and respect in the name of golf.

Al-B-Fore! Tour members are grateful for Al’s stat keeping and highlight reel videos. They know that he has had to take numerous methods of public transport and often has to walk the last few miles to get to the course to watch them.

Al compiles stats, video footage and commentary that he shares on his social media. He has all his tour members’ stats precisely assembled in his brain like only a person on the Autism-Spectrum can.

We caught up with Al and asked him a few questions.

We have followed the Al-B-Fore! Tour on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for some years now and know some of the players, can you tell us a little about the Tour?

This isn't an actual "tour" (like the PGA, Korn Ferry, Mackenzie, etc.) but the courses, tournaments, players and scores they shoot are real.

I call it a tour because I go to some Amateur and College events and meet certain players. Some ABF tour members like Brandon Mathews, Aaron Pike and Justin Martin have made a big name for themselves. The 2007 Dogwood Invitational was the first event I attended. 

I have met a lot of players who I follow, keep their stats and take highlight videos of their tournaments.

How and when did the ABF Tour start?

I started calling it The Al-B-Fore! Tour in 2014. I started adding video footage in 2017.

I started it because you don’t see too many Amateur events on TV and this way people could start following these very good Amateur and College players.

How do players become part of the ABF Tour?

Basically I meet them and start a conversation. I try to follow as many as possible. There are a lot of players on the Tour. Not all, of course, play in the same tournaments. I have a few fan favorites but I try to follow as many of my players as I can.

What are some of your favorite things about running this Tour?

I like seeing new courses and meeting players.

Have you always been a golf enthusiast?

I started watching in 1999 as Tiger started getting into his prime.

How can people follow the ABF Tour?

The Al-B-Fore! Tour is on:

Facebook: @The Al-B-Fore! Tour

Twitter: @TheAlBForeTour

Instagram: @thealbforetour_2

YouTube: TheAl-B-Fore!-Tour

al b fore tour

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