Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Review

best golf push cart
best golf push cart

The benefits for a junior golfer for using a push cart are set out in detail in our Push Cart Buying Guide for Junior Golfers. Whether it is the parent caddie pushing the cart or the junior, the advantages of 'bucking' the old fashioned system of carrying your own bag are numerous and include improved performance, less fatigue and reduced risk of injury.

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is a full size push cart with plenty of storage space for junior's golf accessories, golf balls, snacks, drinks etc. Sun Mountain has been making push carts for over 20 years and the build quality and materials on this cart are very good. Users report that it folds up easily which is great for kids and caddies. It also has a bracket that can accommodate the Sun Mountain golf cart seat (purchased separately for approx. $60). We have found a seat on a golf cart very beneficial, especially as junior golf tournaments can run up to 5 hours or more.

The cart weighs 18 pounds and folds to a relatively small size of 37 X 16 X 13"


  • Stylish look including various color options to choose from.
  • Great storage capacity with easy to access mesh pouches.
  • Quality materials and construction.
  • Folds up easily.
  • Option to add a seat.


  • More expensive than other similar options.
  • Some users report the cart pulling to one side but is adjustable.

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