Sun Mountain 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag Review

Are you searching for the right golf bag for your little one? Youngsters who take up golf need to have the right equipment and gear to be able to perfect their skills and become better golfers. Among the most important items, you can purchase for budding golfers is a golf bag. A golf bag enables them to keep all their gear in one place.

They can conveniently carry the bag around the course, without the hassle of lifting their clubs or other small belongings. Sun Mountain is a brand you can count on to deliver high-quality golf bags for young golfers, and 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag is no exception.

Sun Mountain 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag Pockets

This high-quality golf bag offers all the features a teenage golfer could require to make storing their gear easier. Here is an overview of the top features of this product:

Seven Pockets

You get no less than seven pockets in this golf bag. You have storage space for all items, big and small, that you might want to carry along to the golf course. There is a velour-lined, waterproof, pocket for storing your valuables.

You also get a hydration pouch in addition to a full-length pocket for storing apparel. Plus, there are multiple pockets for storing all your accessories.


This golf bag reduces the strain on your shoulders when you are lugging your gear around. The bag features carry straps made from high-density foam, which offer sufficient padding for your shoulders. The straps are wide enough for your shoulders to distribute the weight of the bag evenly, increasing your comfort.

X-Strap System

The exclusive X-Strap System this bag feature makes it simple for you to get the bag on and off your shoulders. You can also switch to a single strap if you don’t have to carry the bag too far. A plastic strap guide is part of the package, which makes switching between straps easier.

Sun Mountain 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag Zipper


  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient number of pockets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • X-Strap System


  • Low-quality zippers on side pockets

What Others Say

A majority of customers who purchased the 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag are happy with its features and performance. A customer wrote that the bag meets his expectations completely. He also states that Sun Mountain is a brand you can rely on for high-quality golf products.

Another customer wrote that the bag is lightweight and easy to carry. He did state that the hydration pouch could do with better insulation. On the other hand, a customer wrote that there were no zippers on the side pockets, and the cost of returning the back is quite high.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase this golf bag from Amazon. You can choose from six color options, all priced at around $230.

Sun Mountain 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag


Final Verdict

Overall, there are no major drawbacks of buying 2017 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag. Therefore, you should consider it as your next golf bag!

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