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Mental focus golf quiz

Welcome to our Mental Focus Golf Quiz.

peaceful golf

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Take our Mental Focus Golf Quiz and see what mindful insights you may be able to take with you on the golf course to calm your mind, sharpen your focus and enhance performance.

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Most mistakes made in a round of golf are:

You feel some doubt when taking your final stance about how you want the ball to fly. You should:

A proven method of reducing tension on the golf course is:

An important aspect of mental golf focus is Awareness. This means:

The pre-round warm up on the range is for:

Hunger and low blood sugar can affect your mental game by making you unfocused and anxious, so it's a good idea to:

You will be a long way towards mastering the mental golf game if you:

One of the best ways to improve your golf swing is to:

When you feel nervous on the golf course:

You have a difficult shot ahead out of the rough to have even a remote chance of rescuing par:

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