2019 Golf Rules Quiz

Welcome to our "New Golf Rules" quiz.

New Golf Rules Quiz

Can you pass this 20 question quiz?

Take care as there are a few tricky questions!


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1. Can I move loose impediments out of the bunker or penalty area without penalty.
2. There is a pitch mark, spike/cleat marks and deer prints in your line on the green. What can you repair before you putt?
3. You accidentally move your ball or ball marker on the green (e.g. drop your putter on it or kick it by mistake). Do you:
4. Your caddie is permitted to touch the line of the putt on the green.
5. Can I leave the flagstick in the hole when putting on the green?
6. Touching the sand in a bunker with my club or hand always results in a one stroke penalty.
7. I do not have to play out of a bunker. I have the option to drop outside the bunker.
8. There is no longer a penalty stroke if I accidentally move my ball while looking for it in the rough.
9. My ball accidentally hits my bag and bounces on the green.  There is no penalty and I can play it where it stops on the green.
10. When taking a drop I can now drop the ball from ankle height instead of shoulder height.
11. How many minutes do you have to search for your ball?
12. When can a club that is damaged during the round be replaced?
13. Can I continue to use a club if it is damaged during the round?
14. My caddie can line me up when putting but cannot continue to stand behind me as I make the stroke.
15. My caddie can decide to mark, lift, clean and replace my ball on the putting green.
16. Can I listen to music while playing in a tournament?
17. If my ball ends up out of bounds (OB) - and local rules permit - I do not need to re-tee and can drop close to where it went OB including on the fairway closest to where the ball went OB. I am not playing in an elite event or a pro event.
18. If I double hit a ball (e.g. on a chip shot), I have to count the initial shot and also a penalty shot.
19. If my ball lands in a fairway divot I am required to play from the divot.
20. If my ball goes into a lateral water hazard (now called a "penalty area") I can drop from the side it entered, or at a point equidistant from the hole, on the opposite side, even if the opposite side is further from the hole.

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