Pitch And Putt Golf Bag Review

Pitch And Putt Golf Bag Review

Golf is a great activity for your kids for many reasons. In addition to the usual reasons, it is not surprising to know that golf is recommended to relax your mind and improve your focus. For this reason it is a great activity for kids to get off devices, get outdoors and thus reduce stress and increase attention span. When buying a junior golf bag you should invest in a durable and functional bag. 

Pitch And Putt Golf Bag

Most golf bags are spacious enough to hold all necessary equipment. A good junior golf bag boasts a minimal design and is light-weight so your juniors can easily carry them around. Junior bags do not need 14 dividers and 12 pockets.. Having a bag that your junior likes carrying around - and they like the look of - will provide a subconscious desire to play more than if they have equipment they don't like the look of.

We recommend buying a bag that is durable and has good customer ratings. After all, you will likely keep a bag for many seasons while clubs and other equipment change far more frequently. There are many mediocre and inexpensive golf bags out there that will not last for multiple seasons or heavy use.

It is also important to decide what size and type of bag your junior needs. For example, we don't recommend cart bags for juniors as they are heavier and have far more options than necessary. Stand bags weighing approx. 5 pounds (or less) are a good all round option for juniors.

A "Sunday bag" or pitch and putt ultra-lightweight bag is a great option for kids that will be playing mostly at the range or par 3 course and occasionally walk 9 holes. ​We do not recommend these bags for juniors that will be walking 18 holes regularly as they do not have as many options including comfort items like extra padding in the straps and a hip pad.

The Knight Pitch and Putt golf bag is ultra-lightweight and is popular among beginners and experienced players alike. Thanks to a two-compartment top, you can easily store up to 7 cubs. Note - this bag is not designed to carry a full set of clubs.

The durable carry handle allows you to carry it on course easily. You also get an accessory pocket to let you store important stuff. The bag is built with perfection and makes use of only high-quality materials in its production.

Features And Benefits

This functional and small golf stand bag is one of the best choices for beginners since it is inexpensive but durable and doesn't contain too many compartments. It is ideal for a par 3, executive course, driving range or weekend getaway.


  • Economical
  • Features a stand
  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Single-strap for carrying
  • Available in different colors


  • Not too spacious
  • No rain cover
  • Features a single pocket
  • Shoulder strap could use more padding

The Knight Pitch and Putt golf bag are one of the most popular and affordable "Sunday Bag" options. The bag beats its rivals with its design and good quality build.

Since it only has one accessory pocket, we recommend the bag for beginners who do not require too much space to store too many accessories and clubs.

Pitch And Putt Golf Bag Zipper

The Knight Pitch and Putt comes in several different colors and offers great portability with its convenient shoulder strap and carry handle. There are a few drawbacks with this bag, such as a single pocket and not being designed to store a full set of clubs.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and basic golf bag that boasts a great design but not too many pockets and compartments; the Knight Pitch and Putt is a good buy for your needs.

What Others Say

Customers who purchased this bag like its minimal design and functionality. It is a great bag for the price and offers just enough room to store your children's golf gear. It is suitable for regular and long-term use, so you don't have to worry about damaging it with everyday wear and tear.

Buying Advice

If you are looking to buy a basic golf bag with no complicating compartments or zippers, the Knight Pitch and Putt is a great model. It is available in many different colors including purple, orange and blue.

Pitch And Putt Golf Bag On White Background

The Knight Pitch and Putt enjoy great popularity on Amazon.com where it holds a good rating score. You can purchase it on an incredibly discounted offer of less than $40 and save $30+ if you buy it from Amazon.

Our second favorite Sunday bag or Pitch and Putt bag is the ​Titleist Premium Carry Bag. It has some of the same advantages of the Knight Pitch and Putt but does not have a stand or hard spine. This is convenient if you plan to fold it up for travel. The Titleist name also brings with it an promise of quality build and materials but also means that it is more expensive than the Knight golf bag.

Titleist premium carry sunday golf bag

Titleist Premium Carry Golf Bag

Final Verdict

The Knight Pitch and Putt is a great golf bag that blends a basic design with ultimate convenience and functionality. It is easy to carry and boasts a light-weight construction with a fascinating design.

Our Rating

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