Paragon Golf Rising Star Jr Golf Bag Review

Paragon Golf Rising Star Jr Golf Bag Review

Are you looking for the ideal golfing accessory for a junior golfer? Young golfers, aged 11 to 13, need to have the right gear and equipment on hand to keep their items organized and in one place. Having the right accessories is as important as learning the skills they need to improve their game.

Luckily for you, you can find a wide range of junior golf bags that are suitable for young golfers. You can easily find a bag manufactured by a leading brand, such as Paragon Golf. Their high-quality products receive praise from experts and customers alike.

Features And Benefits

The Paragon Golf Rising Star Jr. Golf Bag is the perfect gift for a young golfer. The 31-inch golf bag is perfect for lugging around gear on a golf course in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Here is an overview of the notable features of this golf bag:

Paragon Golf Rising Star Junior Golf Bag With Clubs

Lightweight Bag

The bag is lightweight and portable and easy to carry around. Golfers can conveniently take it along wherever they plan to play. The lightweight construction ensures the total weight after placing all the playing gear and equipment inside is not excessive.


The bag features a stand, which makes it convenient for you to keep your bag by your side when playing a round of golf. The bag will remain stable, in a standing position, without any risk of toppling over.

Six-Way Divider

There is a six-way divider at the top of the golf bag that makes storing all accessories and equipment a hassle-free process.

Three Pockets

The bag includes three pockets, including a large front pocket for storing accessories and full-length garment pockets. You also get specific storage space for keeping your towel and glove.

Paragon Golf Rising Star Junior Golf Bag

Weather Protection

The package includes a cover that you can use to shield your bag against the rain. The cover also comes in handy for preventing wear and tear while traveling.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a stand
  • Divider and three pockets with additional storage space
  • Cover for protection


  • Zippers are not high-quality

What Others Say

The general reception for this product on Amazon is highly positive. A majority of customers who reviewed the golf bag stated that they purchased it for their children. A customer wrote that she has kids aged six and nine and this golf bag is perfect for their needs.

Paragon Golf Rising Star Junior Golf Bag


Another customer stated that the bag might be a bit too small for golfers, but is suitable for beginners. On the flip side, a customer complained about the quality of the zippers and also wrote that there aren’t enough pockets.

Buying Advice

This product is conveniently available on Amazon for around $55, excluding shipping charges.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Paragon Golf Rising Star Jr Golf Bag is among the best in its category. You should consider purchasing it for the young golfer at home.

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