Junior Golf General Interest

Golf Balls Fore A Cause
Golf Balls Fore A Cause is an organization recently founded by Bruce Steinhardt of Naples, FL to re-direct the golf[...]
2021 Holiday Gifts for Junior Golfers
Holiday gifts for junior golfers? We've got ideas! The mood is a lot lighter this year compared to last! It's[...]
Holiday Gifts for Caddies in Junior Golf
It’s the offseason – not necessarily the most wonderful time of the years for the intrepid junior golfer – but[...]
Junior Golfers: Does It Matter Where You Live?
Young athletes often dream of playing sport professionally. Some appear destined from early childhood to be a top class player,[...]
Caddie Course for Parents plus Quiz
This caddie course for parents of junior golfers is helpful in that Dad or Mom on the Bag has basically[...]
Youth On Course Program
Some call it the most valuable membership in golf!  The Youth on Course program started in 2006 in Northern California,[...]
What Should I Do In The Junior Golf Offseason?
It’s suddenly cold in the Southeast. And while those who live in the Deep South and Southwest might well be[...]
Golf Stats for Juniors – Strokes Gained
What is the Best Way to Track Golf StatsAt a minimum juniors should be tracking basic or traditional golf stats[...]
Autism and Junior Golf: Follow-Up Article with ASD Junior Golfer, Anthony B
Anthony B  is a junior golfer with Autism, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility and other related issues. He lives in the UK and[...]
Can My 3-Year Old Start Golf?
What is the best age for kids to start golf lessons? Can my 3 year old start golf? We consulted[...]
Golf Buys that Give Back
Golf is an expensive sport so it’s nice to know, every now and then, when you buy yet another golf[...]
Easier Said Than Done: Why Parents Should Give Golf A Go
It's easier said than done! I caddied US Kids golf tournaments for years for my younger son. It was, for[...]
Stoicism and Junior Golf
Stoicism comes from the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It is a philosophy that doesn’t attempt to explore the 'how' and[...]
Helping the Junor Golfer During Covid 19
This article is written exclusively for The Junior Golfer by David MacKenzie, Mental Coach and the founder of Golf State of[...]
Meditation and Sport: Why Junior Golfers Should Jump On Board
 As  society evolves, and with it sport and culture and the general zeitgeist - we feel life speeding up and[...]
All About Junior Golf Rankings
There are a fairly small number of authoritative sources for National Junior Golf Rankings in the USA. These rankings are[...]
Best Golf Resorts for Families
We believe that traveling with your kids is the ultimate education. One of the best ways to experience a new[...]
Kids Golf Lessons Near Me
This article provides resources to help you find the best kids golf lessons near you. It also provides guidance on[...]
Golf Terminology for Kids and Take the Quiz!
Golf Terminology Kids Should KnowGolf terminology for kids keeps it simple. There are literally hundreds of golf terms that have[...]