Louis Lloyd: New Golf Glove Vibin’

Louis Lloyd golf

There's a new golf glove on the market and we love it!

Louis Lloyd is a golfing venture between two old friends and college golf team mates. It is a merger of personalities and creative direction with an emphasis on style, comfort and top quality craftsmanship. Their golf gloves, club covers and headwear exemplify classic style and casual vibes. 

Louis Lloyd golf gloves, with their bold yet classic logo designed by Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary, are soft, comfortable, durable and hug your hand with a reassuring confidence. 

We gave a glove to five members of a local high school golf team and here's some of what they had to say: love it, great fit, so responsive, very comfortable .......

Louis lloyd golf

So, if you're in the market for a new golf glove visit Louis Lloyd for something casual, comfortable but totally stylin'.

And while you are about it check out their other beautifully crafted products including putter covers, wood covers, driver covers and headwear. 

 These guys are creatives who grew up in the game and it shows!

Louis Lloyd

Louis Lloyd Casual Vibes Hat

Louis lloyd golf

Classic Collection: Red Barrel Cover

Louis lloyd golf

Classic Collection: Front Nine Blade Cover

Louis lloyd golf

Kidderminster Collection 3/5 Wood Cover

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