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GustBuster Spectator Seat

gustbuster spectator seat

OK, so this is not technically for junior golfers but rather for the people - moms, dads, grandparents, coaches - that watch them!

I walked around watching one of our sons the other day. The mom of a playing partner was walking too and she had one of these umbrellas with a seat. "My sons bought me this for Mother's Day and it is the best thing ever. I will never watch another round of golf without it!" 

She was happy, cooler and comfortable and I was sold!

Apparently it is 10 degrees cooler under the UV-blocking patented umbrella fabric. It's light, easy to fold and carry and the chair is comfortable to sit on. Considering one is spending up to 6 hours walking around watching golf, it's a.pretty cool investment and one of our pretty good golf deals!

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