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Helping the junior golfer and their parents with golf tips comes in many forms covered extensively in The Junior Golfer website including long detailed, articles like Best Kids Golf Clubs, personal experience stories like Serenity Now: The Emotional Struggles of Parent Caddies, quizzes (have you brushed up on your Golf Rules Quiz?), and interviews etc.

Here we go short and to the point and we welcome any golf tips, tricks and thoughts you think would be helpful for our junior golfing community! Connect with us on social media and send us your pictures and thoughts for sharing and inclusion!

Through the General Area

junior golf tips

There are times to be aggressive on a golf course but most of the time, at junior golf level, its better to 'let a stroke be a stroke' and punch out on to the safety of the fairway.

golf tips
golf tips

On the practice range alignment sticks are a very useful tool. More advice can be found in Best Training Aids for Junior Golfers.

Before and After the Round

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There are many golf tips, some obvious and some more nuanced. This article is work in progress and will be added to regularly. Please feel free to send in any pictures of your juniors and any golf tips you find interesting, helpful or necessary to share with other players.

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