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Professional caddies adhere to the dress code of the USGA or PGA Tour of the club out of which they work. The caddie clothes dress code is usually along the lines of collared golf shirts, golf shorts or long pants, belts and athletic shoes.

Of course we have all seen the caddies at The Masters in their white overalls and green hats - the traditional uniform of the club's own caddies and a hangover from when players where not allowed their own caddies at The Masters and had to use club caddies.

Us parents traipsing around with our kids' golf bags on our backs are of course a far cry from those loopers on the Tour who can rake in 8% to 10% of their player's $ million+ winnings. But we can still look good or at least dress for purpose and not distraction.

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Caddies in their traditional Masters uniforms.

In junior golf tournaments that allow caddies, like the national US Kids Golf Tour (and see Top Junior Golf Tournaments You Need to Know About) there are often caddy dress codes written into the Tour policies. For example, on the US Kids Golf Tour: players and caddies are prohibited from wearing shoes with metal spikes, too short shorts, skorts and skirts, swimwear, gym shorts or pants, denim of any kind, t-shirts or tank tops.

connor macmillan junior golfer gordon macmillan caddy dad

Caddie bibs are not required in local US Kids Golf events (but can be ordered, personalized and worn regardless). They are required and available for order and personalization (usually with the last name of the player on the back) for multi-day events such as regional tournaments and world championships. Even though not required for local tournament play, parent caddies will often still use a caddy bib as it is truly a useful accessory that includes a pouch at the front to keep scorecards, pencils, ball markers, range finders etc. handy.

Within parent caddy requirements there is ample room for self-expression. Some parents like to "match" their outfits to their player's. I, as a mom-on-the-bag from time to time, like to co-ordinate colors with my player. I find it aesthetically pleasing and feel like we present a 'united front'. 

My younger player likes the typical stand-out colors that Puma/Cobra (i.e. Rickie Fowler) is known for and I particularly like the flattering cut and fabric of this Puma Golf women's sleeveless polo.  The Adidas Essential Wind Jacket has a nice length, pockets and comes in a variety of colors to make co-ordinating with your own and your player's outfit a breeze.

ladies golf top
ladies golf top

My husband, on the other hand - an old-hand on the bag - adopts a  completely pragmatic approach and dresses purely for comfort and the weather and as he would if he was playing. Honestly, being the parent caddy of a junior golfer is stressful enough without worrying too short skorts or sweltering under a fleece windbreaker once the sun has come out after a stormy start because you're wearing a tank top and the morning started way too cold to contemplate such a temperature increase.

Caddying is not a glamorous job. The course is not a catwalk (or a cake walk for that matter). Make it easy on yourself and if its easy on the eye that's an added bonus, like this PUMA Golf Men's Powercool Road Map Polo!

Within the golf dress code, dress for comfort, accessibility, and weather protection. In other words, layers and pockets! Covering all these bases you can't go wrong with a Nike Men's Therma-fit golf pullover - stylish whether you're a guy or girl.

And shoes! Caddies learn quickly to wear the correct shoes. Find a good walking, running, hiking or golf shoe that's water-proof with little tread. This Mizuno Wave Inspired running shoe is a favorite in our family. It is not water-proof, but for dry weather caddying it is super comfortable and cushioning.

In rainy or wet conditions it is better to opt for a spike-less golf shoe. We like the Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe that is water-proof and with the comfort and flexibility that are traditionally found in Skechers shoes. Even though these shoes are spike-less, players / caddies report no problems with traction in wet weather and hilly courses. 

waterproof golf caddie shoe

In the immortal words of Jack Nicklaus: Golf is a game of respect and sportsmanship; we have to respect its traditions and rules.

And dress accordingly!

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