Golf Buys that Give Back

Golf is an expensive sport so it’s nice to know, every now and then, when you buy yet another golf shirt or hat or shoes, that on some level you are making a difference and supporting organizations that ‘give back’ to the community or planet Earth. We tracked down a few brands that do just that in addition to providing a premium product! Enjoy these golf buys that give back.

TRUE Eco Knit Golf Shoes

TRUE link junior golf shoes

TRUE golf shoes are well known for being one of the ultimate walking golf shoes – engineered for comfort and flexibility – with the TRUE Eco Knit Golf shoe both you and the planet can smile! These are truly wonderful golf shoes – our older junior golfer is a huge fan and they are his current golf shoe of choice by a long stretch. He can’t believe how light and comfortable they are! The cool, casual look means you can wear them with style anywhere. They are also built for the planet utilizing 100% post-consumer recycled yarn.

Vessel Golf Bags

Vessel Stand Golf Bag Junior

Vessel golf bags are premium quality bags used by many PGA and LPGA tour players.  These bags are tailored and crafted with precision and intention. Vegan leather is a nod to the environment and produces a durable and heat resistant bag that is meticulously designed for performance, style and easy access. Vessel believes in making a difference and with its 'Buy A Bag, Give A Bag' program in full force it has to date provided over 27,000 school backpacks to children in need around the world.

Rhoback Golf Shirts

stylish golf shirts

We sung the praises of Rhoback shirts in our article Stylish Golf Shirts – Four Trending Brands, but wanted to give a shout-out in this article too to the 2 golf shirts in their portfolio, 20% of the sales proceeds of which goes to charity. The Pipes and Drums benefits The Emerald Society Pipes & Drums which is a nonprofit organization composed entirely of either retired or active New York City Firefighters. 

DIFF Eyewear

diff eyewear giving back

DIFF is built on the principle that designer eyewear should be affordable, fashionable and socially conscious.  DIFF partners with Sightsavers, an international organization leading the charge to provide vision to billions of people around the world. Every pair of DIFFs sold helps to provide the gift of sight to someone in need through eye exams, surgeries, glasses, medicines and more.  And they are pretty cool looking glasses too, also collaborating with celebrities and athletes as well as the Marvel and Star Wars brands.

Bombas Socks

bombas socks giving back

Socks are one of the most unsung heroes in the athletic world. A comfortable sock, however, can make the difference between a dismal round of golf and a successful one. Bombas socks are all about comfort and they even make golf performance socks for everyone in the family, not to mention some cool looking sports socks for kids. For every Bombas item purchased they donate an item to someone affected by homelessness. It’s a win-win!

United By Blue

united by blue giving back to earth

Every day 38,356,164 pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean. For every product purchased, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from the oceans and waterways. The company is committed to making a tangible impact so they confront ocean trash in the most direct way they know how – by getting their hands dirty and removing it from waterways.  Their aim is to rid the shorelines of littler and also inspire individuals to live less wasteful lives.  Their products are made in GOTS-certified factories from sustainably-sourced materials and created to last!

The range of products available from United by Blue is vast and all ethically sourced and sustainable. From a golfing perspective, there are some great options for girls in the ladies’ activewear section.  The Hemp socks are soft and comfortable and there are some ultra cool, recycled fabric beanies – guaranteed favorites on cold, blustery days on the course! Their re-usable silicone bags make a great way to store sandwiches and other snacks for your junior when out on the course. 

Our favorite item in the United by Blue portfolio is, however, the stainless steel drinkware! The vacuum-insulated water bottles are durable and capable of taking a beating in a golf bag or push cart which engineered to keep cold drinks even colder! Even though your local golf course might be miles away from the ocean – it’s a good feeling knowing your purchases are helping keeping it clean!

golf buys that give back

Life Is Good

give back

This company needs very little introduction – every one knows it’s catchy, optimistic attitude and super soft, premium fabrics. Granted, it is not a ‘golf shop’ in the strict sense of the word, but Life is Good hats are super stylish, comfortable and upbeat and will bring a smile to any golfer on the course. There are also some tremendously fun golf t-shirts too that all golfers will enjoy après-golf!  10% of the Life is Good profits go towards the company’s Playmakers Foundation that helps vulnerable children. Life is Good is making it better for others and that's something we can all feel good about.

golf t shirt


Do your junior golfers like to keep practice journals, takes notes from lessons (a must-do) or write down goals, strategies or drills or scores?  If not it’s a good idea to encourage, but kids need to find the experience of writing and journaling fulfilling for themselves to get the full benefit of it. Our older junior golfer would often write little notes all over the place (this is one, written when he was around 8 or 9). Unfortunately this did not morph into full scale journaling and planning which we know would benefit him as he gets older.

But if you do have planners and strategists who like to write and journal their rounds – Yoobi is a company that creates all kinds of creative classroom supplies and best of all, they partner with the Kids In Need Foundation and distribute millions of Yoobi classroom packs to schools in high-need areas across the country.  Every time you buy a Yoobi product a product is donated to a child in need - like this one!

yoobi notebooks


It’s important for junior golfers to be confident on the golf course, but more importantly in their place in their communities and society as a whole. This is not something that happens overnight with no effort (just as success on the golf course requires focused practice and sustained effort). But a path can be forged through service. It is important to get junior golfers (and all kids) involved in charitable work and giving. We wrote an article some time ago that covers this very subject: Getting Junior Golfers Involved in Charitable Giving.

Like most things, charity begins in the home and is taught by example. When making purchases, support companies that give back. Tell your children about the impact your purchases make and the people and companies out there making a difference. Teach your children well. Who knows what changes they may effect as they get older with just a little nudge in the right direction now.

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