Golf Balls Fore A Cause

golf balls fore a cause

Golf Balls Fore A Cause is an organization recently founded by Bruce Steinhardt of Naples, FL to re-direct the golf balls you pick up on your local golf course to help organizations that teach golf to underserved communities like The First Tee.

golf balls fore a cause

The First Tee is an organization with about 150 Chapters world-wide.  It reaches 3.7 million kids, often from underserved areas, and through golf inspires these kids to learn valuable life lessons, build self-esteem and in turn go out and make a positive impact in the community. Read more about our interview with The First Tee Atlanta.

First Tee chapters can always use donated golf balls.

No doubt there are also other organizations out there that help teach golf in underserved communities that could also use donated golf balls and they are welcome to reach out to Golf Balls Fore A Cause too.

What we have found, in life, is that in general people want to help other people but don’t necessarily know how.

Starting Golf Balls Fore A Cause

Bruce Steinhardt of Naples, FL has taken picking up golf balls on his local course to the next level and established Golf Balls Fore A Cause.  Let’s see if we can help him.

Find out what it takes to start a chapter of Golf Balls Fore A Cause in your local community and read what Mr. Steinhardt has to say:

When I retired a few years ago people asked what I would do to keep myself busy, to which I responded: “I’ll golf more and look to volunteer with a not-for- profit organization”.

Well, I have taken golf and an interest in helping others and merged the two.

Like many avid golfers and Country Club members, I find balls on the course, throw them in my bag and then occasionally empty them out to a box in my garage with no real plan for their disposal. I started to notice that although many were in great shape, I stuck to playing my preferred brand of balls. I searched for a place to donate the used golf balls I had accumulated that were still perfectly playable, but couldn’t find an option. So, I started “Golf Balls Fore A Cause”.

golf balls fore a cause

Getting Involved

We place branded receptacle bins in pro shops and then on an as needed basis pick them up, sort, clean and package them for delivery to a local First Tee office or in some cases just deliver them in bulk to the First Tee location.

Local chapter sponsors can be one or multiple individuals to lessen the burden which in most cases is just the time it takes to play a round or two of golf per month. Most local sponsors are retired so finding the few hours a month is not an issue and you are benefiting the next generation of golfers so we can continue to grow the sport we all love.

Contact Golf Balls Fore A Cause

If interested in becoming a local chapter sponsor please email:

Help us reach our goal of donating 1 million golf balls!

We are on Instagram: @golfballsforeacause

golf balls fore a cause

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