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Home Golf Practice for Juniors

How to create a home golf practice facility for junior golfersFor aspiring junior golfers that live in climates that do not allow for year round outdoor practice, a home golf practice facility, whether

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Putting mats and chipping nets

What are the best chipping nets and the best putting mats for junior golf home practice? We create golf practice facilities at home for a variety of reasons including weather and time constraints. Having

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Mental Focus Golf Advice and Quiz

If a player can quiet their mind on the golf course they open up the channels for instinct and muscle memory to kick in. It's easier said than done, but a junior golfer who can learn to merge with the

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Off-Season Golf Goals for Junior Golfers

As the Christmas trees are put out on the curb and the old year winds down, junior golfers can start thinking of off-season golf preparation and heed the words of American novelist Paul Theroux: Winter

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Junior Golf Fitness

Junior Golf Fitness - OverviewWe answer these important questions in this post:Do juniors

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Best Golf Training Aids for Juniors

Training aids for junior golfers should be easy to use and deliver results. Below are some of the best golf training aids for juniors, based on ratings, reviews, use in top coaching programs

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SuperSpeed Training for Junior Golfers

Is the SuperSpeed golf training equipment and program beneficial for junior golfers? In this article we look at the training program, equipment, and results from SuperSpeed training for junior golfers.A Shift in Attitude for Parents of Junior Golfers: Seeing

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Junior Golf Mental Game

Golf is fundamentally a mental game and understanding the mental aspects of golf for the junior golfer is vital. Before the age of 13 the emphasis really needs to be on keeping the junior improving, having

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The Short Game is Important

"Practice, work out, proper nutrition, lots of work on short game.  In golf, that's really where the strokes come off the scorecard."