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Winter Golf for Junior Golfers

There are so many junior golf tours and tournaments these days that a junior golfer can maintain a tournament schedule year round if they want - although there is nothing wrong with juniors taking a break

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Say No to Single Sports Specialization

No More Single Sport SpecializationA Shift in Attitude for Parents of Junior Golfers: Seeing

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Guide To Getting Juniors Into Golf – Basic Equipment

Today, many parents are encouraging their children to play golf and for good reason.  Junior golf is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the world. The sport will not only encourage your child

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Junior Golf: Teach Your Children How To Play Golf

In the past ten years, junior golfing has grown enormously in popularity. The golfing industry for kid golfers has become a booming business. Many of the major golf equipment companies are now manufacturing

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Transitioning to No-Caddy Tournaments : A Parent’s Perspective

As junior golfers get older and move away from the US Kids Tour they are no longer allowed to have caddies on the bag. You have 1 child playing in longer distance, 2 day no caddy tournaments and 1 child

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Being a Good Parent Caddy

The US Kids golf tour requires caddies for players below the age of 8 and, although not required for older players, parent caddies are prevalent in all US Kids tournaments.  This article

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Junior Golf Tournament Stroke Saving Tips

These simple tournament stroke saving tips will help the junior golfer from losing easy strokes due to unnecessary penalties or not taking advantage of some basic golf rules.