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Golf Balls Fore A Cause

Golf Balls Fore A Cause is an organization recently founded by Bruce Steinhardt of Naples, FL to re-direct the golf balls you pick up on your local golf course to help organizations that teach golf to

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2021 Holiday Gifts for Junior Golfers

Holiday gifts for junior golfers? We've got ideas! The mood is a lot lighter this year compared to last! It's the off-season - a time for keeping in shape and setting goals for next season, but also for

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Holiday Gifts for Caddies in Junior Golf

It’s the offseason – not necessarily the most wonderful time of the years for the intrepid junior golfer – but it’s a necessary break and time for consolidation. And if they're

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Junior Golfers: Does It Matter Where You Live?

Young athletes often dream of playing sport professionally. Some appear destined from early childhood to be a top class player, like Tiger Woods. Others overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve those

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Caddie Course for Parents plus Quiz

This caddie course for parents of junior golfers is helpful in that Dad or Mom on the Bag has basically the same function as a caddie looping for any professional golfer, but generally with much less

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Youth On Course Program

Some call it the most valuable membership in golf!  The Youth on Course program started in 2006 in Northern California, and is now in all 50 states and parts of Canada.  The mission is to get

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What Should I Do In The Junior Golf Offseason?

It’s suddenly cold in the Southeast. And while those who live in the Deep South and Southwest might well be playing regularly throughout much of the winter in relative comfort, the rest of the

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Golf Stats for Juniors – Strokes Gained

What is the Best Way to Track Golf StatsAt a minimum juniors should be tracking basic or traditional golf stats such as fairways hit, greens in regulation (GIR), number of putts, and number of feet of

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Autism and Junior Golf: Follow-Up Article with ASD Junior Golfer, Anthony B

Anthony B  is a junior golfer with Autism, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility and other related issues. He lives in the UK and was the subject of an article we wrote a couple of years ago:  Autism and

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Can My 3-Year Old Start Golf?

What is the best age for kids to start golf lessons? Can my 3 year old start golf? We consulted with two experienced instructors in their fields who work with young athletes.