Best Junior Golf Shoes

Best junior golf shoes


What are the best junior golf shoes and what factors should be considered when buying junior golf shoes? A golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles during a golf round. Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there are many more parts of the game to focus on, both physical and mental, than worrying about how their feet feel traipsing from tee box, across fairways, over hazards and on to the greens. Junior golf shoes can be stylish, they can be spiked or spikeless, but they must offer superior grip and be comfortable.  The best performance based golf shoes are lightweight, offer maximum support and are at the very least water resistant.

Best junior golf shoes


A golfer walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles on a golf course.  Whether the junior golfer is a beginner or advanced tournament player there are many more elements of the game to focus on, both physical and mental, than worrying about how their feet feel traipsing from tee box, across fairways, over hazards and on to the greens.  Junior golf shoes can be stylish, they can be spiked or spikeless, but they must offer superior grip and be comfortable.  Performance based golf shoes are lightweight, offer maximum support and are at the very least water resistant.

Golf shoes range in price quite dramatically.  Of course shoes made of real leather and featuring the latest in golfing shoe technology, will be very expensive and until your junior golfer stops growing and levels out at a steady shoe size, it is probably better to keep it real and middle of the price range - unless, of course, money is no object. 


There are many golf shoe options available.  The golf shoe market is quite saturated and you will probably be spoiled for choice.  The thing about shoe shopping (particularly performance based shoe shopping) is that it is such a subjective exercise. Many juniors like to find a brand that they like the looks of, that fits their feet well, and as they grow out of the shoe they move with the same brand. However, we recommend not closing the door on trying out new brands as the leaders in the golf shoe industry are constantly developing technologies to increase comfort, stability, durability and performance. Sketchers is a great example of a fairly new entry into the high end golf shoe market and make some really good performance golf shoes that are used by Tour players.


The best junior golf shoes will be comfortable and fit properly. Your junior golfer does not need to develop a blister on hole 3 and limp around the rest of the round. Golf shoes should, ideally, also be waterproof, particularly if they are the player's only pair of shoes.  It is a good idea to have more than one pair of golf shoes for multi-day tournament play, as you never know when they will get drenched or muddied. Some of the more expensive golf shoe options have up to a 2 year waterproof warranty.  

From a performance point of view the junior golfer needs to feel confident in executing their shots whether its on tee box, fairway, sand or rough, and remaining stable and in control. Golf shoes can be spiked or spikeless.  Spikes provide greater grip and traction.  There is less opportunity to slip while swinging through the ball.  Spike free shoes are sometimes a little more comfortable but most junior golfers opt for some form of spiked golf shoes for added traction. Spikeless golf shoes are not ideal for turf that is wet or slippery. 


Big brand golfing companies like Adidas, Nike, Footjoy and Puma have created golf shoes for younger junior players up to approx. 9 or 10 year old before growing into adult sizes. The best junior golf shoes are often designed to be similar to the brand's adult golf shoes and include sophisticated technology to give younger golfers some of  the look, feel and advantages of adult golf shoes. Junior golf shoes sometimes do not have the same quality inner soles that adult golf shoes have in which case consider buying a good sports inner sole.

Top 5 Youth Sized Junior Golf Shoes

best golf shoe for junior golfers,

Kids grow out of shoes quickly.  The Footjoy DNA Helix Junior  is therefore not as technologically advanced as the adult sized equivalent, but it certainly has the same look, style and FootJoy design with its emphasis on comfort.  Pulsar cleats by Softspikes are the top selling cleat in golf and provides superior traction for the young junior who wears this shoe.  A cushioned Duramax outsole provides comfort and flexibility and the synthetic leather body is water resistant and easy to clean.  This shoe is on the expensive side as it is one the best junior golf shoes and is a great little sidekick to the adult size version which is also reviewed below.

Adidas Kids Junior Adipower Boa Golf Shoes

best golf shoes for junior golfer,

These unisex junior golf shoes have been designed with practicality and performance in mind for the young golfer. Responsive Bounce foam in the forefoot was introduced (as in the adult size version) to provide more power at swing impact. Climastorm material makes for a lightweight, breathable shoe which is still durable and water resistant.  The typical Adidas 6 cleat Thintech outsole provides a low profile, anti-clogging cleat design that brings the junior golfer closer to the ground for better balance, footwork and power transfer through the swing.  The Boa closure system is very popular with juniors and allows for micro-adjustment and a consistent hold.  No annoying loose shoe laces in our rounds!  The Adidas fit is slightly wider in the forefoot for overall feel, comfort and stability.  These are one of the best junior golf shoes and worth the price.

Puma Golf Titantour Cleated Junior Golf Shoes

best golf shoes for junior golfer,

These on-course kicks come in 3 stylish colors which is on par with the Puma and Rickie Fowler vibe.  We have never had a problem with Puma shoes. Junior 1 got his first pair of Puma golf shoes when we arrived at a tournament 2 hours from home with no shoes!  We picked up a pair of Puma golf shoes on the run - reasonably priced!  Junior 1 is a fan of the brand although Junior 2 finds the shoe a little hard on the heel and the upper a little unforgiving.  No shoe can make everyone happy!  The Puma Golf Titantour has 5 spikes for maximum traction and a 1 year waterproof warranty.

Nike Control Junior Golf Shoes

best golf shoe for junior golfers,

These golf shoes will appeal to the Nike enthusiast and are modeled on Nike's adult Lunar Control series.  They are sporty yet stable for the junior golfer, with a solid rubber integrated traction outsole for enhanced grip and traction.  A full length Phylon midsole provides added comfort and support.  The synthetic leather is easy to clean and lightweight.  Overall a shoe that will please a junior golfer, perform well and not break the bank.

Adidas Adizero Sport Junior Golf Shoes 

adidas junior adizero sport junior golf shoes

These mid-priced, unisex golf shoes are the go-to junior golf shoes for young golfers.  They are made from lightweight mesh and synthetic uppers along with Cloudfoam insoles for ultralight cushioning and breathability.  They are the ideal Spring/Summer/Fall golf shoe. Traction and stability for the swing motion come from the 6 cleat Thintech technology and an external Sprintweb TPU later (for upper foot stability).  The shoe closes snugly around the foot but does not feel restrictive.  Water resistance appears to be good (although we would not suggest them for heavy rain or very wet conditions).  All in all, for the price, this is a perfect shoe for the young junior golfer.

Top 5 Golf Shoes Junior Golfers in Adult Sizes

Puma Men's Titantour Ignite Golf Shoes

Puma Titan Tour Ignite Junior Golf Shoe

These are very good looking shoes in a variety of color combinations which is to be expected from Puma and Rickie Fowler!  The Titantour Ignite is a seriously technological piece of equipment.  The PWRCOOL insole is comfortable and regulates temperature by utilizing phase change materials that absorb, store and then release heat for optimal thermal comfort.  Duoflex interiors combine hard and soft materials to support natural foot movement and IGNITE foam provides energy return and response cushioning.  This leather shoe is crafted for epic performance and unparalleled comfort with a 2 year waterproof warranty.  You can't ask for much more from a golf shoe!

FootJoy DNA Helix Golf Shoes 

best shoe for junior golfer,

These shoes look really good, and they should for the price! They are also the latest performance footwear from Footjoy featuring the latest engineering based on feedback from professional golfers.  They are lightweight and made from waterproof Chromoskin leather which carries a 2 year waterproof guarantee. Nitrothin 3.0 TPU provides lightweight stability and performance. Pulsar cleats by Softspikes are the top selling cleats in the world and provide premium grip and traction on all surfaces.

The DNA Helix golf shoes are low profile and performance is enhanced through the new Fast Twist II cleat system. These shoes are designed for inner comfort with a 3D full foam collar which embraces the ankle ensuring the foot remains stable and supported during movement.  A lightweight cushioned Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit bed provides underfoot comfort and heel support.  This is one of the most comfortable and advanced shoes on the market with a great warranty.

Adidas Powerband Boa Boost Golf Shoes

best shoe for junior golfer,

This is the shoe of choice of our junior golfer 1.  He loves the Boa closure system which tightens the shoe securely and comfortably around his foot with the exact consistency on both feet. He's funny like that, but he knows what he likes and what he likes in a shoe.  This golf shoe is all about comfort and stability, with Boost midsole cushioning for energy return and comfort and a little Bounce foam technology in the forefoot for a power boost.  The shoe is roomy, increasing stability, with a Fitfoam PU sockliner for added cushioning, support and comfort.   Low profile Thintech EXP cleats give great traction and allow you to "feel' your positioning on setup.  They are durable and green friendly.  The color combinations are easy on the eye and the shoe comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty.  This is a very popular golf shoe with junior golfers.

Under Armour Speith One Golf Shoes

best shoes for junior golfer,

This shoe was designed to meet the exact needs of Jordan Speith.  Under Armour Rotational Resistance Spikes were designed to lock down traction and on course flexibility and to rotate perfectly with your swing motion.  100% waterproof, UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability and maintaining a zero distraction fit and feel.  Premium underfoot comfort is achieved with a removable EVA footbed.  The adjustable Boa system is where the future is headed and makes life easier for the golfer out there on the course.  This shoe is, like its namesake, destined to be extremely popular with the new generation of junior golfers whose parents don't mind the rather high price tag.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoes

best shoes for junior golfers,

Skechers is a name not normally associated with golf shoes, but they are making inroads into the sport and if Matt Kuchar is on board they have got to be doing something right!  They also come at a reasonable price.  These shoes are not spectacular to look at but Skechers' emphasis here is on comfort.  Soft leather uppers are comfortable off the bat and waterproof.  The Resamax insole provides cushioning and shock absorption.  Skechers spikeless sole has 'plus' shaped grips called GOimpulse sensors which offer good traction and comfort.  These are functionally stylish, well priced golf shoes.  Exactly what you would expect from Skechers.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Pro Golf Shoes

sketchers go golf pro junior golf shoes

For juniors who prefer cleats, we like the Sketchers Performance Go Golf Pro line of shoes. Both the version 2 and version 3 are wonderful golf shoes. They are extremely comfortable and look great. It doesn't hurt having the affable Matt Kuchar promoting them constantly on golf TV programs!

Top 5 Golf Shoes for the Junior Golfer in Adult Sizes (Girls)

Adidas Climacool II Women's Golf Shoes

best shoes for junior golfers,

These are fair weather, fair priced and super cute golf shoes.  The upper is made with classic Adidas Climacool mesh for the ultimate in breathability.  Performance is maintained with a lace-in saddle to stabilize the foot and Adidas Thintech spikeless outsole for swing plane traction.  The only possible issue with this shoe is that it can be difficult to get your foot into the 'bootie' fit but for spring/summer dry weather golf this is a great golfing shoe option.

Adidas Women's W Adipower Boost Boa Golf Shoes

womens W Adipower Boost Boa Golf Shoes

While the Adidas Climacool II women's golf shoe (reviewed above) is a great, light, fair weather golf shoe, the Adidas Women's W Adipower Boost Boa is a serious shoe for the serious golfer in all kinds of weather.  These are leather shoes which are durable, attractive and waterproof.  The Boa closure system is very popular and super effective for a consistent hold.  Adidas Thintech technology on the outsole gives enhanced grip, stability and performance allowing for better transfer of balance through the swing.  Bounce foam in the forefoot provides a power boost and the Fitfoam Slow Recovery PU sockliner contours to the foot for a custom fit and feel.  This is a more expensive shoe but probably one of the best out there.

Skechers Women's Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

skechers womens go golf birdie golf shoes

Skechers bring great style and performance in this line of women's golf shoes. The breathable uppers are made from a mesh fabric that circulates air and provides a comfortable fit. Midsole cushioning provides great shock absorption and stability. The Spikeless TPU grip outsoles provide great traction. Some reviews note that the shoes can be a little tight especially for those with wider feet and toes. Note that these shoes are not recommended for playing in wet environments or even in heavy early morning dew that is found in some locations. These are functionally stylish (multiple great designs), well priced golf shoes.  Exactly what you would expect from Skechers.

Nike Women's Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes

nike lunar empress 2 womens golf shoes

These gorgeous looking golf shoes come in a wide range of colors and are very pleasing to the eye.  Nike's vision with this women's golf shoe was to blend modern craftsmanship and unique no-sew textile uppers with flexible Phylon midsoles for lightweight comfort and reliable stability.  A waterproof treatment (1 year waterproof warranty) delivers an optimized blend of ventilation and weather protection for all weather golf style and performance.  Solid rubber integrated traction outsoles provide premium grip and traction in all conditions.  Even though these shoes are a bit on the expensive side, it appears that most women golfers regard these as an investment in personal comfort and their game in general.

ECCO Women's Casual Hybrid Knit Golf Shoe

ECCO Women's Casual Hybrid Knit Golf Shoe

These shoes are interesting and trendy.  They hardly look like golf shoes with their knitted exterior, however, the surface is treated with ECCO Hydromax for superb weather and perspiration protection.  The removable leather comfort fiber insole delivers comfort, cushioning and a little more space.  The outsole has E-DTS hybrid technology that provides 800 traction angles for superb grip.  These spikeless golf shoes are durable and stable and sure to be a hit on the range.  


Golf shoes are an essential part of a junior golfer's equipment and one of the only items that are used during every practice and every round. Therefore it is very important that juniors enjoy the look and feel of their shoes. They will walk many miles in their golf shoes and quality support and comfort is worth the price. The price differential can be large but remember a good golf shoe can be a solid investment in a junior golfer's performance on the golf course.

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