2021 Holiday Gifts for Junior Golfers

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Holiday gifts for junior golfers? We've got ideas! The mood is a lot lighter this year compared to last! It's the off-season - a time for keeping in shape and setting goals for next season, but also for relaxing in the moment and enjoying the companionship of the season. We have some great ideas for holiday gifts, bringing comfort and joy, to junior golfers.

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Hot Winter Looks for Junior Golfers

There are some great golf tops out there and this is a great time of the year to update the outerwear!  

Puma Boys First Mile Golf Jacket

For younger boys, this is great looking, fun, functional and very reasonably priced! Puma's Wind-Cell technology provides for breathable, water resistant protection against the wind. Performance-fit allows for excellent movement through the swing. It provides maximum UV sun protection and the fabric is made from sustainably-sourced recycled plastic bottles! Pretty cool!

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes XS through XL.

Bobby Jones Liquid Cotton Golf Pullover for Older Juniors

This pullover is classic and ultra luxurious. Liquid cotton provides for unmatched softness and comfort.  The pullover’s interior light grey collar and signature Bobby Jones embroidery give this high quality golf pullover sweater an elegant and exclusive feel. Bobby Jones golf apparel provides premium style and comfort, both on and off the course. This pullover comes in a variety of colors and is a perfect for wearing over a polo on chilly days or layering under a jacket for cold, wet golf rounds.

best holiday gifts for junior golfers

Girl's Under Armour Fleece Hoodie

No reason to look boring in bad golf weather! These UA girl's hoodies are warm and comfortable with some serious style! The fleece is stretchy for ultimate movability on the course and the inner layer traps body heat.

best holiday gifts for junior golfers

These come in different colors and designs from size XS to XL. Seriously, what is not to absolutely love!

Ladies Thermal Golf Vest

This thermal golf vest comes in a variety of fun colors, has a flattering fit and is pretty inexpensive. It would work well for chilly day core protection or as a layer on much colder golf days. It is made of lightweight fleece and has 2 side zip pockets for hand warmers or other golf accessories. 

best holiday gifts for golfers

Stocking Stuffers 

Club Head Covers

Who doesn't love a cool, cute club head cover! There are some wonderfully imaginative ones to be found that allow young players to show a little creativity and flair on the course. We have bought Daphne head covers for years. They can be machine washed over and over and definitely add personality, individuality and protection to the bag. 

best golf holiday gifts

Magnetic Golf Towel

The magnetic golf towel is a cool take on an essential accessory. Stick it on any convenient metal spot - clubs, golf cart, pushcart - and it is an easy-grab and go option for your towel. These towels are also microfiber with deep waffle pockets for better cleaning, especially between the club face grooves. The magnet is super powerful and removable for washing. This is a super convenient concept - you always have your towel available where and when you need it!

best holiday golf gifts

Live Lucky Hats

One of our player's favorite brands for hats is Live Lucky. He loves how they fit and their 'look'. The craftsmanship is on point with a high quality brand and there are a wide assortment of styles and colors to choose from. 

best holiday gifts for golfers

Tin Cup

The Tin Cup golf ball marker tool is a great way for a young player to personalize a golf ball. It's easily done with a fine sharpie and Tin Cups come in many styles to fit any personality. 

best holiday golf gifts

 Golf Ball Retriever

A golf ball retriever is always a super useful thing to have on a golf course. Invariably balls are going to land in the mud or shallow water or snake infested brush where it is easier to keep some distance between you and the ball to be recovered. While you're waiting on the group in front of you too it's fun to poke around and retrieve a ball or too if you find them!

best holiday golf gifts

Nuthin But Birdies Head Covers

CMC Design custom Nuthin But Birdies club head covers are super fun. We love the look and quality finish of these club covers and they bring levity to a sport that is sometimes way too serious. 

best holiday gifts for junior golfers

Portable Speaker

Bring Drake, Kanye, Ariana or Arethra to the course with you. Our older player loves spending time on the range rocking out to his faves and when he plays by himself his music follows him. A portable speaker is a great gift for a kid and this JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker is portable, waterproof and a great shape to fit easily in a golf bag or a golf cart drink holder.

best holiday golf gifts

Glove It for Girls

Glove It has taken girls and ladies golf design to a new level. From gloves to other golfing accessories including head covers, golf bags, wristlets and visors to name a few, the designs are striking and designed for players that really want to jazz up their look and routine. The gloves are made with Cabretta leather palms for feel and comfort. They are breathable and slip resistant too making them perfect for rainy weather golf. The brand is focussed on premium, high-performance accessories that really stand out on the golf course.

best holiday golf gifts
best holiday golf gifts

Golf Gloves

Our younger player is out-going, social, and can play with and talk to anyone. He wears Bender golf gloves because they totally jive with his personality.  They are vibrant and bold and make a great gift, coming in a huge assortment of colors and themes! They are mositure-wicking, breathable and stretchy (made from spandex), while utilizing Cabretta leather for texture in the grip. We get these gloves for our younger player because he loves them and all the different colors. They work well but we don't find them quite as durable as the more traditional junior golf gloves like Footjoy,  Callaway and Nike

Bender golf gloves for juniors

Alignment Sticks and Covers

These are an easy wrap for under the Christmas tree and a no-brainer gift for a junior golfer! There is a reason that every professional golfer uses alignment sticks. They are an excellent golf practice aids for many golf drills including feet/body alignment, club alignment, ball positioning, swing plane, as "target markers" or "uprights", putting and even to assist with video analysis. In addition, they are very inexpensive. These golf practice accessories are found in almost all golf bags at high level junior tournaments.

Adding alignment stick covers is a nice way to keep your junior's bag tidy, organized and cool looking! Craftsman covers are high quality and come in many different options.

For more information on how to use them see our article: Best Golf Training Aids for Juniors

Alignment stick covers for juniors

Winter Golf Hat

This classic winter golf hat comes from Titleist. Warm, comfortable and easy on the eye it's a must-have on a chilly course. Colors run through Charcoal, Grey, Blue and White.

holiday gifts for golfers

Favorite Team Accessories

Our junior golfers are huge sports fans across the board - basketball, baseball, football - they've played it and follow it religiously. In football one follows the Ravens and the other the Cowboys. Each year they look forward to some sort of golf accessory - tees, towels or the like - celebrating their team!

holiday gifts for golfers

Golf Balls

While it is tempting to give a junior golfer golf balls as a gift, by the time they are pretty good and play competitively they probably have a distinct ball preference - so know before you buy!

Our article, Best Golf Balls for Junior Golfers, provides general information to help you make an educated choice of golf balls for your junior golfer. 

low compression golf ball

See-through Golf Pouch

the golf pouch see-through vinyl golf bag

The original and only see through golf pouch is made of premium fabric and comes in many colors and can be personalized with a flags. It has 2 zippered compartments, one for tees and other larger items (pencils, sharpies, car keys, chap-stick etc.) and other for smaller items such as ball markers.  

Big Ticket Items 


The Holidays is a traditional time to upgrade golf clubs and makes a wonderful present for the junior golfer. It is between seasons and gives the junior player a good amount of time to get a good feel and get comfortable with a new set of clubs, or driver or putter. The following articles will prove very helpful with selecting new clubs for your young player.

Best Kids Golf Clubs

Best Junior Drivers

Best Kids Putters

Golf Clubs for Kids and Teens Transitioning to Adult Clubs

Best Toddler Clubs: What and Why

Personal Golf Launch Monitors

FlightScope Mevo - Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Juniors
Garmin Approach R10 personal golf launch monitor

With advanced in technology and prices coming down, small personal doppler radar launch monitors can now be purchased for less than $500. These are a great addition for practice and really provide excellent feedback while keeping juniors interested in the game and developing their skills. 

The FlighScope Mevo and Garmin Approach R10, both pictured above, are two of the top performers at around $500. Read more here about affordable golf launch monitors for juniors

Indoor Golf Simulators

Indoor golf simulator for home

There’s a barrage of golf simulators that have flooded the market in recent years, with varying price tags based on performance and options. This is a result of technology becoming more affordable and therefore more players in the market. The upside for families with juniors is that there are now some great options for home simulators that are much more affordable than in previous years. 

But with so many options the question is, which ones are the most reliable, offer the best home golf experience, are the most suitable to your needs, meets your space requirements and, of course, your budget. So then which should you buy?

Our article, Top Indoor Golf Simulators to Improve Your Game, is very helpful. 

Home Golf Practice

For aspiring junior golfers that live in climates that do not allow for year round outdoor practice, a home golf practice facility, whether indoor or outdoor, is a great option and easier to do than you may think.

Options vary greatly from a simply net and artificial turf golf tee mat in the basement, garage or even living room, to a high tech set up that includes an indoor flight scope that measures for club head speed, launch angle, ball spin, smash factor etc. and that has a high resolution course simulation that allows you to "play" various courses. However, it doesn't have to be too sophisticated to be effective!

Our article, How To Create a Home Golf Practice Facility, has everything you need to know. 


And although we are bombarded mercilessly with news, adverts, propaganda and parody, it is human nature to - at our core - be warm and generous in both heart and spirit. Giving our children our time, energy and focus is ultimately the greatest and most long-lasting gift we can give them. Whatever the future holds, wherever they might play in the New Year, whether or not the tree is decked with sparkly golfing delights - may your days be merry and bright.

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