2020 Holiday Gifts for Junior Golfers

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Winter 2020-2021 – there has never been a more anxiety-inducing time. How will Covid play out through the winter? Will the kids remain in in-school instruction? Will we have more lock-downs? Will the economy remain somewhat stable even as we’ve grown a little colder, a little sadder, a little older? Yes, we need a little Christmas!  And the players in our lives will appreciate our list of 2020 Holiday gifts for junior golfers. As we are entering a practice/training season these gift ideas follow in that mode with the emphasis on warmth and comfort

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Hot Winter Looks

Yes, style remains important to our young players even if the tournament schedule has wound down and we are entering a long chilly practice period. In colder weather out on the range or a practice round on the course, our boys dress more for warmth and comfort than competition. Warm joggers, not too baggy - we're still at the golf course, not the skate-park - are a great option for winter golf practice. 

Boys Bottoms

For younger boys, who can go wrong with the soft, fleecy feel inside and Champion bold logo outside of these trainers? Rock that range in style and stay warm doing it. Holiday gifts for junior golfers start here!

champion joggers

Available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes 2T through Big Boys XL.

Our teenage players are big fans of cold weather range practice in Under Armour Fleece training pants. UA fleece is not like your mother's fleece - this stuff won't trap pet hair lying about - instead its all outward style and inner warmth. Probably much like your junior golfer!

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Available in some interesting color combinations from Academy Blue to Baroque Green in whatever size you need.

Boys Tops

Under Armour Storm is a go-to for us every winter. Both boys and dad have UA Storm wear and love the unique ribbed look of these tops. Everything has been thought through  from style, fluidity of movement, warmth retention, moisture wicking, shoulder stretch panels for swing mobility and compression cuffs to keep the sleeves in place. These are also great at repelling a light rain or mist.

ua storm golf

They fit true to size and come in interesting color choices including Phosphor Green/Black (shown above), Martian Red and Charged Cherry. Seriously, what is not to absolutely love!

For younger boys, we found with ours growing up (and still today) that layers count in cold weather. The long-sleeve Champion hoodie is not a sweatshirt, but rather a spandex/poly blend which has great stretch and depending on how chilly it is up on the range would work as an over or under layer providing warmth or style.

holiday gifts for junior golfers

This hoodie comes in iconic black, blue, white and red in sizes youth small through XL.

Girls Bottoms

Soft, slim-fit, breathable fleece - sounds perfect for winter range practices and workouts. And these C9 Champion Fleece Joggers are pretty, and pretty inexpensive for the young girl golfer in your life.

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Four color combinations to choose from include Arctic Sky/Blue Jazz (above), Coolest Grey Heather, Ebony Heather, and Dark Berry Purple. These are flattering, fun and for the price you can't go wrong!

Slim-fitting fleece is not a misnomer. The tapered legs on these adidas fleece joggers are modern and sleek and will show a great profile on the range while the brushed recycled poly has a warm, soft feel. 

holiday gifts for junior golfers

They come in an array of different colors. The size seems to fit true and the ankles are elasticized which prevents dragging and riding. There's even good pocket storage. Overall the most wonderful winter pants of the year!

Girls Tops

We like to give gifts that are delightful, fun, colorful and Christmassy! But sometimes the receiver of the present just needs to get a gift that will get the job done. It's not flashy, but its quality and will keep you warm and protected in the coldest of days you're out there practicing or playing. The adidas Golf women's Climaheat Base Layer will help get the job done no matter the course or weather. It's the ultimate little black top!

holiday gifts for junior golfers

For younger girls, if they are going to wear a base layer make it a good one! They can wear it under a cute vest or jacket - but the base layer has to play its part and you can always rely on Under Armour ColdGear to do just that. This Under Armour Girls ColdGear Long-sleeve Mock Tshirt is made of dual layer fabric with a warm, brushed interior and a smooth, fast-drying exterior. It also has anti-odor technology and a four-way stretch construction for confident swinging.

warm golf top

Cool Attitude Shoes

One of our current favorite golf shoes are the TRUE Linkswear Originals. Maximum comfort, premium leather upper, zero drop outsole and a 2 year fully waterproof guarantee. They are ergonomically designed for walking and have cross-life tread as opposed to spikes for added comfort and versatility. Comfort is the primary motivation behind these shoes, although golfers have found that the zero drop has positively impacted their swing too. They are great looking shoes and come in Classic Black, Whiteout, and Nine-Iron Grey (pictured below). 

holiday gifts for junior golfers

TRUE Linkswear makes ladies golf shoes that we love - but not winter ones! Sketchers, however, makes great golf shoes for men and ladies and we particularly like these for winter golf.

Sketchers Women's Elite Golf shoes features a classic design with 5Gen cushioning foam which is highly responsive and ultra-supportive. As an added winter bonus they are waterproof too - no letting a winter shower keep the girls off the course!

holiday gifts for junior golfers

For our younger junior golfers Sketchers has a range of very cool golf shoes like these Go Golf Blasters which are unisex. They feature memory foam cushioning and are flexible, waterproof and relatively inexpensive. 

holiday gifts for junior golfers

Stocking Stuffers 

Portable Speaker

Bring Drake, Kanye, Ariana or Arethra to the course with you. Our older player loves spending time on the range rocking out to his faves and when he plays by himself his music follows him. A portable speaker is a great gift for a kid and this JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker is portable, waterproof and a great shape to fit easily in a golf bag or a golf cart drink holder.

holiday gifts 2020
Golf Gloves

Our younger player is out-going, social, and can play with and talk to anyone. He wears Bender golf gloves because they totally jive with his personality.  They are vibrant and bold and make a great gift, coming in a huge assortment of colors and themes! They are mositure-wicking, breathable and stretchy (made from spandex), while utilizing Cabretta leather for texture in the grip. We get these gloves for our younger player because he loves them and all the different colors. They work well but we don't find them as durable as the more traditional junior golf gloves like Footjoy,  Callaway and Nike

holiday gifts for junior golfers
Alignment Sticks

There is a reason that every professional golfer uses alignment sticks. They are an excellent golf practice aids for many golf drills including feet/body alignment, club alignment, ball positioning, swing plane, as "target markers" or "uprights", putting and even to assist with video analysis. In addition, they are very inexpensive. These golf practice accessories are found in almost all golf bags at high level junior tournaments.  

For more information on how to use them see our article: Best Golf Training Aids for Juniors

holiday gifts for junior golfers
Winter Golf Hat

This classic winter golf hat comes from Titleist. Warm, comfortable and easy on the eye it's a must-have on a chilly course. 

holiday gifts for golfers
Favorite Team Accessories

Our junior golfers are huge sports fans across the board - basketball, baseball, football - they've played it and follow it religiously. In football one follows the Ravens and the other the Cowboys. Each year they look forward to some sort of golf accessory - tees, towels or the like - celebrating their team!

holiday gifts for golfers
Golf Balls

While it is tempting to give a junior golfer golf balls as a gift, by the time they are pretty good and play competitively they probably have a distinct ball preference - so know before you buy!

Our article, Best Golf Balls for Junior Golfers, provides general information to help you make an educated choice of golf balls for your junior golfer. 

low compression golf ball
Golf Pouch
the golf pouch see-through vinyl golf bag

The original and only see through golf pouch is made of premium fabric and comes in many colors and can be personalized with a flags. It has 2 zippered compartments, one for tees and other larger items (pencils, sharpies, car keys, chap-stick etc.) and other for smaller items such as ball markers.  

Big Ticket Items 


The Holidays is a traditional time to upgrade golf clubs and makes a wonderful present for the junior golfer. It is between seasons and gives the junior player a good amount of time to get a good feel and get comfortable with a new set of clubs, or driver or putter. The following articles will prove very helpful with selecting new clubs for your young player.

Best Kids Golf Clubs

Best Junior Drivers

Best Kids Putters

Golf Clubs for Kids and Teens Transitioning to Adult Clubs

Best Toddler Clubs: What and Why

Indoor Golf Simulator

There’s a barrage of golf simulators that have flooded the market in recent years, with different price tags attached. This is a result of technology becoming more affordable and therefore more players in the market. The upside for juniors is that there are now some great options for home simulators for families that are much more affordable than in previous years. 

But with so many options the question is, which ones are the most reliable, offer the best home golf experience, are the most suitable to your needs, meets your space requirements and, of course, your budget. So then which should you buy?

Our article, Top Indoor Golf Simulators to Improve Your Game, is very helpful. 

Home Golf Practice

For aspiring junior golfers that live in climates that do not allow for year round outdoor practice, a home golf practice facility, whether indoor or outdoor, is a great option and easier to do than you may think.

Options vary greatly from a simply net and artificial turf golf tee mat in the basement, garage or even living room, to a high tech set up that includes an indoor flight scope that measures for club head speed, launch angle, ball spin, smash factor etc. and that has a high resolution course simulation that allows you to "play" various courses. However, it doesn't have to be too sophisticated to be effective!

Our article, How To Create a Home Golf Practice Facility, has everything you need to know. 


And although we are bombarded mercilessly with news, adverts, propaganda and parody, it is human nature to - at our core - be warm and generous in both heart and spirit. Giving our children our time, energy and focus is ultimately the greatest and most long-lasting gift we can give them. Whatever the future holds, wherever they might play in the New Year, whether or not the tree is decked with sparkly golfing delights - may your days be merry and bright.

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