10 Stocking Stuffers Junior Golfers Want

stockings stuffers your junior golfer wants

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care - and junior golfers have told us what they want to find in them! We bring you 10 stocking stuffers junior golfers told us they want!

Golf Gloves

Gloves are always a great gift for junior golfers. And buying them as a gift allows you to change it up a little - put a little color and flair in the mix, buy something you would not ordinarily. This is a time to try out some new things and golf gloves are an easy start! Our high school team has recently discover new glove on the market - Louis Lloyd (There’s A New Glove On the Market) - there are so many great options out there for boys and girls! And don't forget a pair of winter golf gloves - it's that time of the year!

Bender golf gloves for juniors

Golf Balls

Golf balls are a little more tricky. Players like what they like. Buying our boys anything other than the ball they play with is a waste. We do, however, like to personalize a dozen golf balls for them with their favorite NFL team. But if your juniors are still figuring out what golf ball works for them - try our quiz for a little inspiration!

low compression golf ball

Golf Towels

Towel technology is changing all the time and a good towel is very helpful on the course especially in muddy or wet conditions. It is also an opportunity to show your personality or support your favorite team! And yes, our younger son has a Baltimore Ravens balls and towel. Way to represent Rob!

stocking stuffers

Club Covers

I am not sure if your junior golfers are anything like mine. Mine are creatures of habit and hold on to what works for them. My older son, a collegiate golfer now, was nicknamed Bear at birth - he was a big line-backer of a baby. When he got his first set of golf clubs we bought him a Bear driver cover. Since he was 6 years old he has had the exact same bear on his driver (same look and make but has had to be replaced a couple of times - but not too often, such is the excellent quality of Daphne's head covers!!). 

Whatever your Patronus, lucky-charm or personality-type - there is a club cover that is going to do your junior golfer justice!

stocking stuffers for junior golfers

Divot Repairs Tools and Ball Markers

Once again there are vast options for these very needed (and constantly lost) golf accessories. My kids opt, once again, for their NFL team logos - but whatever is fun or fascinating for your junior golfer - you can find the accessory to reflect their personality. So if you find a fallen Raven anywhere let us know!

stocking stuffers for junior golfers

Chocolate Golf Balls and Golf Themed Candy


stocking stuffers for junior golfers

Golf Socks

The most boring gift in the world some would say! But a necessary one! And it’s Christmas - so make them fun!!

A great golf sock can really add to performance and comfort in a golf round and we have reviewed some great golf socks for junior golfers

best golf socks

Portable, Magnetic Golf Speaker

Our junior golfers love to play their music when going out to play rounds by themselves or with friends. Here are our two favorites which are both water-proof, have great sounds and a super strong magnet that will attach to the golf cart or anywhere your kid likes to take it e.g. basketball hoops, outside at the grill, on their bicycle etc.

drpofy golf speaker for kids

Golf Ball Retriever

Yes they are super useful - but don’t estimate the fun factor! Grabbing balls out of water and relatively inaccessible spots is a sport in itself. Since juniors often are carrying or pushing their bags, a light weight expandable golf ball retriever like the fiberglass ProActive Sports ball retriever is a great option.

ProActive Light weight golf ball retriever for kids

Golf Hats

My junior golfers love a good golf hat - which is probably why we have way too many. You may have many logo hats from tournaments or other freebies, but having a couple of cool individual style hats is great for juniors. This one always believes in Living Lucky!

living lucky

We hope you enjoy these 10 stocking stuffers junior golfers want.

The holidays are also a good time to buy golf clubs as a “big” present. It allows a lot of time to get them fitted and get used to them during the off season. 

Golf Bags, Rangefinders and Push Carts too are very welcome presents under the tree.

For the very young ones - it is not too early to start swinging those clubs and our article on Toddler Golf has some advice on how and why to start your kids playing golf early. 

Christmas is a great time to start something new however old you are. Wear a color you wouldn’t ordinarily. Take a swing for the stars and shine a little brighter.  And have yourself, a merry little Christmas now. 

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